October 26, 2009

Scotts Valley, California (still at Greg's place)

After we got back from seeing Laura on Saturday, we were treated to a great barbeque meal that Greg made.  Jerry likes getting a break from cooking every now and then.

Yesterday (Sunday) was filled with activity.  It started out by Chanti (our dog) getting sick during the night.  We took turns taking her out.  When she started getting worse, we called a local vet.  Greg drove us in while Jerry stayed behind as we were expecting guests.  (Thanks, Greg, for interrupting your football game to do this.)  Chanti was dehydrated and given saline injections, anti nausea and antibiotic injections, and more medicine to give after we got home.  End result --- she is back to her normal self today. 

When we got home, Doug and Alice were already here visiting with Jerry.  We have known Doug over 30 years as Jerry hired him for the audiovisual department of St. John's Hospital back in the '70s.  He was 18 then and just out of high school.  Today, he is a COO of a medical company. 

Doug, Alice, Jerry and Mary
We spent the evening with Chuck and Betty at their beach house.  I went to grade school and high school with Chuck (who was the smartest kid in our class).  First, they each gave us tours of their homes.  Betty's rental house and yard is hugh, and is rented out for weddings.  Then we drove to their beach house just in time to get pictures of the sun setting over the ocean.  (No -- we did not drive our RV there -- Greg drove.)

Chuck, Betty, Mary and Jerry

We are leaving today to drive to Paso Robles, our last stop on this trip.  Boo hoo!!!

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