September 27, 2011

Whittier, California

Drove out of Pismo Beach on Friday, but had a slight incident on our way out of town.  Because another car was parked in the left hand lane waiting to turn left while we approached the intersection waiting to turn right on to that same street, it was a stand off between Jerry and the other driver.  The other driver couldn't pull out because he couldn't see; and Jerry really needed to go into the other guy's lane to make his right hand turn.  Jerry decided to move first, but couldn't make a wide enough swing.  And here is what happened.

The Tahoe ended up jumping the curb and we stopped just before hitting the pole.

Jerry had to unhook the Tahoe from the RV and get it away from this post.

The rest of the trip to Simi Valley was nice.  We parked behind a classmate's business for a couple of days while we attended Jerry's 50th class reunion from Cleveland High School in Reseda, California.
Parked behind Dave's business in Simi Valley.  Thanks a million, Dave.

There was a small wash behind the RV.  We were hearing the sound of water fall all night.  We imagined we were parked by a natural waterfall.   It was nice.

The reunion itself was a blast.  Bob and Nancy, long time friends, and their friend, Ellen, who we have also known for years, joined us.  
Ellen, Nancy and Bob

Loved the center pieces on the table.  Nancy took 
the one home that was on our table.

Jerry and Dan Van Larr, two of the three photographers who worked
on the school year books, class of 1960 and 1961.

Look at the high school kids!

Bob and Nancy, Jerry and Mary

On Sunday, we drove an hour an a half to Whittier, California, where we are once again parked in front of Sue (daughter) and Raul's (son-in-law) place.  Shan showed up on Sunday evening and Raul grilled steak, shrimp and vegetables.  Very nice evening with family.

The feast!

Christian and Sue

Shan, Christian, and Mary

Christian and Raul (Christian loves to have his picture taken)

Shan and Christian 


Ok, so here is the deal.  We've gone through this before.  I'm leaving for Minnesota on the plane tomorrow.  I'll be gone 8 days. Don't look for any updates to this blog while I'm gone. Jerry and Chanti will leave Whittier on Thursday and go up into the San Bernardino mountains (Lyttle Creek) to wait until I get back.  

September 23, 2011

Pismo Beach, California

We just used up our last 5 free days at the Pismo Coast Village RV Resort for 2011 (Sept. 18-22). We didn't take any pictures this time as we were busy getting things done.

Spent most of Monday afternoon at our dentist.  Remember the front tooth that I broke while we were in Sacramento in May?  Well, the super glue held the broken tooth in place for four months.  But, on Monday, the dentist removed the remaining tooth and I now have to wear a temporary partial for 9 months until the final step of the implant will be done.  The partial is a pain to wear and I don't like it. And, remember the tooth that Jerry cracked this summer in Oregon?  Same procedure for him, but since his tooth is further back in the mouth, he doesn't need a temporary partial.  These two implants will set us back $8,425.

On Tuesday, we ran up to Cambria and visited the house.  Both of us agree -- we would rather live in the RV and see the world.  Met with a property manager who will be managing the place, and finding a renter, as we continue this RV lifestyle.  The house was on the market for 18 months, and at this point, I am glad it didn't sell.  We will now be long distance landlords.

Only had time to meet with Pat and Bill for one hour while in Cambria.  They, too, are busy and the four of us couldn't find the time to get together any other time this week.  They are looking forward to their three month trip to South Africa later this year to be present at the birth of their third grandchild.

On Wednesday, Jerry met with business associates.

And on Thursday, we drove 45 miles to Paso Robles to get additional items from our small storage facility.

Today, we will be driving to LA, stopping in Ventura along the beach to eat our Subway and enjoy the waves.  Tonight and tomorrow, we will be attending Jerry's 50th class reunion.  And, on Sunday, we will see the family again -- and how much the grandchildren have grown since leaving them last April.

September 17, 2011

Oakdale, CA

We have been at Greg's new place here in Oakdale, California for three nights now.  He and his family moved here at the end of July.  Boy, does he have plans to turn the place into his style!  And, we look forward to seeing the changes he has in mind in the future.  He has some acreage and we are parked on an empty part of the property that has a waterfall.
This shows one side of where we are parked on Greg's property.

This shows the RV in the background with 
picture taken from back of Greg's house.

Greg's youngest son, Oliver, age 6 who loved playing with Chanti.

Gabriel, Greg and Oliver

And, here we have Delaney who loves her freedom in the pool.

And, here is sweet Breanna

This willow tree is the first thing that catches your eye on these lovely grounds. 
It certainly is the largest willow tree we have ever seen.

Another picture of the pool.

Another view of the greenery, showing the willow tree in the background.

This is a water fall on the part of the property where we are parked.  
I loved taking pictures because everything is so green.

Tomorrow, we head down to Pismo Beach.  The GPS says that it will be a 5 hour drive, which means for us that it will take us 7 hours to get there -- no rush on our part.

September 14, 2011

Sacramento, California - September 13, 2011

Yesterday, we met Angie and Rob for brunch in old town Sacramento. We really enjoyed our time with them and seeing old town Sacramento.  Here are pictures I took yesterday.

Rob, Jerry and Angie on boardwalk outside candy shop.

We ate on the back porch of this restaurant that specializes in crab.

 There were a number of restaurants facing the Sacramento River.

We watched the draw bridge from the restaurant, waiting for it to go up, but it didn't.

Took one picture of Angie and Rob in the restaurant.  As they are that photogenic, 
I didn't need to take a second picture.

More pictures along the water front.

Must be nice to work in that office building overlooking the river.

More of old town Sacramento.

Horse and buggy along with the coke truck.

A very nice and clean "old town" area.

Leaving here tomorrow and heading down to Oakdale, California to visit our friend, Greg, and the family.

September 11, 2011

Sacramento, California -- September 11, 2011

This is a day of remembrance and honoring those you gave their lives 10 years ago today - 2,852 people from 116 countries, including the 343 firefighters and paramedics and 60 police officers.  Memorials are being held all over this country.  We went to the one here in Sacramento today.  It is at the Sacramento Cal Expo Center.  (We are staying at the RV Park behind the Center.)

  You are greeted with a display of shoes on the lawn, 
each with a flag, representing those who died.

There were shoes of all sizes, including children shoes.

Sacramento received one of the Trade Center I-Beams.
Notice flags at half mast. 

See the two glass towers in the background, replicas of the twin towers.

Close up of the glass towers at the Sacramento 911 permanent memorial.

The names of the dead are engraved in the granite ball
that keeps rotating around in flowing water.

This memorial piece is dedicated to those who lost their lives
on Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.


September 7, 2011

Redding, California (second time)

Parked at the Redding Premier RV Park

Took this picture out of the window yesterday when we passed through Shasta.

We've stayed a number of times here in Redding, California.  This time, we finally drove over to the Sundial Bridge that we heard about, but never took the time to visit.  The bridge is almost 20 stories tall with 14 cables supporting the bridge.  No part of the bridge touches the water to protect the salmon spawning beds and the translucent deck allows light to reach the water.

The bridge is designed to "flex, sway, expand and contract to absorb changes in the load." 

The front of the bridge.

Gravity keeps the bridge from falling down as the deck and pylon pull on
 one another through the cables.

This is certainly an engineering feat that you must see if you are in this area.

Now, here is the sundial portion of the bridge.

Follow the shadow of the pylon which is pointed straight north.

The white band on the picture is the marker which is set for June 21, 
the Summer Solstice, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The shadow moves one foot every minute per the information posted.

Here you can see that we took this picture a little before 11:30 a.m.

Located a bike path that runs along the Sacramento River for many many miles that we will certainly try out the next time we are here, weather permitting.

On to Sacramento tomorrow.