October 1, 2009

Newport, Oregon

As most people who have driven an RV in Alaska will tell you, big trucks (especially the logging ones that we passed) will throw up rocks at your windshield.  We were not exempted.  The driver's side window had 5 rock chips and the passenger side had a 9 inch crack along with about 5 other chips.  We needed to replace the passenger window and get the chips filled on the driver's side.  So, we spend last night in the parking lot of the glass repairer in Eugene, Oregon so that they could start work on the windows by 8 a.m. this morning.  They did just that --- and by noon we were back on the road again.

We decided to drive over to Newport (a beautiful ride over) where we were planning on staying at the Pacific Shores RV Park. 

But, in the process of trying to find it, we ran into the South Beach State Park and decided to stop off here first.  This is a big park with over 227 paved spots.  Here are pictures of where we are, showing both the front and the back of the RV.  The temperature is 66.  It is very quiet here.  We will have fun biking the area and seeing the town as we intend to stay here for the weekend. 

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