November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving in Los Angeles

Stopped on Wednesday (November 25) to see long time friends in LA (Bob and Nancy), their daughter (Gina) and her new baby, Danielle (age 8 months). 

From there we settled in at our daughter's place for Thanksgiving where we had everything normally served on Thanksgiving.  She made a delicious turkey and we all ate more than we should have eaten.

Jerry and Sue carving the turkey.

Raul and Christian jump into the feast.

Grandkids: Ivan, Christian, Samantha, Natalie and Erin

Said our "good byes" (we'll see them again at Christmas) and drove to Las Vegas today.  It was a pleasure driving on a newly paved three lane highway with little traffic in our direction.  But, the traffic out of Las Vegas to LA was bumper-to-bumper (going mostly 35 miles per hour or stopped) as far out as 50-60 miles from Las Vegas.  Guess everyone had the same idea: get back to LA on Saturday to beat the traffic on Sunday. 

The clouds were beautiful though it rained for a portion of the trip.

There was even snow on the mountains out of LA.
We are at our usual RV park in Las Vegas, Sam's Town - voted the best RV park in Las Vegas.

It is 56 degrees out right now and raining slightly.  We will be here a week, with our friends (John and Marijean) joining us with their RV on Monday.

November 24, 2009

Biking Along Ventura Beach

Biked for an hour along the ocean.  What a beautiful day! 

Our Favorite Beach - Ventura Beach, California

Last night's sunset on Ventura Beach
Here we are again on Ventura Beach, California.  We can see the Anacapa Islands 14 miles off of the coast.  Because it is a holiday week, there were only a few spots left when we arrived yesterday. 

We are parked parallel to the beach so that our large bedroom window (and whole right side of the coach) faces directly to the ocean about 25 feet away from us.  We left the window open and heard the waves crashing on the beach all night.  This morning, before we even got up, we saw from our window a pod of dolphins moving in and out of the water as they traveled up the coast.

Going biking this afternoon along the coast.  Then, we head for LA tomorrow.

November 22, 2009

Still at Pismo Beach, California

We were scheduled to leave the Pismo Beach Village RV Resort on Friday but were able to extend our stay for three more days.  And, we also moved to a new location in the park.  We leave here tomorrow (Monday). 

It's been a busy week.  On Thursday, we biked into Arroyo Grande, about three miles from the RV park, to attend a 50-Plus Expo at their Community Center.  Arroyo Grande is one of the five cities along the Central Coast (the others are Oceano, Pismo Beach, Grover Beach, and Shell Beach).  They all run into each other.  So, biking in the cities is  not like biking in Alaska.  Got to watch out for cars at all times.

Then on Friday night Pat and Bill joined us for an overnight.  We all spent a relaxing day on Saturday, walking the beach and eating.  They left after dinner last night.  This has only been the third time that we have had guests in our RV overnight.  It seems to work out just fine. 

November 16, 2009

Pismo Coast Village RV Resort, Pismo Beach, California

Walked over to see the sun set over the ocean tonight.  When loading the pictures we took of it on to my computer, found pictures on Jerry's camera that he took of the butterflies on Saturday. 

Pismo Coast Village RV Resort, Pismo Beach, California

Weather here can't be beat!  42 degrees at night and 66 during the day.  We just got back from biking into town to get a Subway sandwich. 

Had a great weekend with Shan and Natalie.  Thought they were coming Saturday afternoon, but they showed up on Friday night.  Gave us a whole weekend together.  Again, the weather cooperated.  We even ate breakfast outdoors that Jerry made on Sunday. 

Went to see the Monarch butterflies on Saturday.  Jerry took video that we will post later. 

Natalie was in heaven because she had so much space to ride her bike around the park. 

Walking on the beach after breakfast on Sunday was what life is all about.  Chanti and Natalie ran their butts off.     

November 13, 2009

Pismo Coast Village RV Resort, Pismo Beach, California

Went out to dinner for Chinese food at the new Chinese restaurant in Cambria on Wednesday night with Pat and Bill.  Finally, Cambria has a good Chinese restaurant!

The next morning, we ran down to the Cambria Coffee Roasting Company to get our mochas and cookies (I know, we shouldn't, but we did).   Said "good bye" to Pat, who was working there, and Tom and Lynn (the owners).  Then, we were back on the road again!  And out of that house where we needed to walk loooong distances just to go to the bedroom, bathroom, office and kitchen.  Arrived yesterday at the Pismo RV park.  There was a slight drizzle when we drove here.

Today (Friday) is a beautiful fall day, sunny and bright.  Jerry took a long run on the beach; and Chanti and I also took a long walk on the soft beach sand.  I took my camera along and shot some pictures.  Unfortunately, I had changed the setting to "vivid color" the other day when we were with Pat and Bill, so all of the pictures came out with a deep blue tint.  I tried to get rid of the blue as best as I could.  Here are some of the pictures I took this morning.

November 6, 2009

Fiscalini Ranch in Cambria, California

We now have DSL in our house.  So I will first upload the pictures that were suppose to go with the last blog entry. 

Home of future luxury RV park in Paso Robles.

Look who welcomed us home!

Sunset as seen from our porch.

Chanti and I have taken a number of walks on the Fiscalini Ranch (formerly the East West Ranch) in Cambria.  Here are some picture I took this morning that I put into a slide show.