October 9, 2009

Coos Bay, Oregon

So we noticed a strange thing here in Oregon.  We thought that the gas stations were going back to the '50s and '60s when there was no self service but attendants filled your gas tanks.  Come to find out that Oregon has a law that prohibits the driver from filling his or her own gas tank.  The driver cannot even touch the handle.  Attendants (very pleasant ones) have to fill your gas tank.  This give them a job (which is why they are so pleasant) and, you wouldn't believe it, but the price of the gasoline doesn't seem to reflect the additional service.  The penalty is $2,000 for the driver and $5,000 for the station owner if caught filling your own gas tank or even replacing the nozzle after it is filled (can't touch it at all). 

We drove to Coos Bay, Oregon yesterday.  This is another small Oregon city located on the water.  The weather is absolutely perfect, so we took the bikes out again today.  Biking is turning out to be our form of exercise these days.  I am not walking that much anymore (got out of the habit in Alaska -- afraid of the bears), and Jerry cracked or bruised a rib about three weeks ago and hasn't been running.  He feels pretty much okay, except when he lies down or gets up.  He tried running the other day, but his rib bothered him too much.  So biking works for both of us. 

Coos Bay has a casino about three miles from where we are staying.  We biked over there today, went in, and did a bit of gambling. 

Plan on staying in this RV park until Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Hi guys - Well you two have had quite the phenomenal trip. I have been envying you every mile of the way. I was in Coos Bay many eons ago. The man who built our first home in Spring Vly moved up there. At one point, Dick and I almost moved to Grants Pass. Ore Don't know if you will pass thru there but Had a great vacation there with a speed boat ride on I think it was the Rogue River. Wonderful trip with BBQ at destination then return trip home. Lots of salmonfishermen along the banks showing off their wares. If you see anything like that, I would highly reccommend.
Lucky you, memories for a lifetime!
Keep enjoying yourself. cj

Jerry and Mary said...

Hi CJ,
Believe it or not, but we are parked right on the bank of the Rogue River in Grants Pass right now. Spending just one night here before going to Jerry's sister's place in Grants Pass for a family reunion. It is raining quite hard at the present time.
Thanks for your Comment. It's great to hear from people who have been to the places we are seeing on this trip.
Take care,