October 13, 2009

Grants Pass, Oregon

Moved on to Grants Pass, Oregon, about 120 miles from Coos Bay.  What a beautiful ride through winding roads and hills and colorful trees.  It started out with a few drizzles, but then the fog rolled in, followed by rain that got progressively heavier as we approached Grants Pass.  It is still raining and may continue through the night.  I tried to take pictures to show the natural beauty along the way, but the rain made that difficult.

This picture shows the fog coming in.

We are staying at an RV park right on the bank of the Rogue River.  I'm not going out to take a picture of it in the rain, so you will just have to picture it in your mind.

Tomorrow, we head over to Jerry's sister's place where a few of his family member will be gathering for the weekend.

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