May 31, 2011

Redding, California

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend.  We've been parked at the Redding Premier RV Resort since last Friday.  This is really a very nice RV park.  We are in a pull-through spot in a new section that they just opened up.

The weather has not cooperated.  Right now it is pouring outside.  Most of the time it has been overcast if not actually raining.

On Sunday afternoon, we managed to have one of Jerry's "invite the people around us for hors d'oeuvres" while they bring there own drinks.  Had about nine people show up.  People enjoy these little get-togethers.  Even though I took a couple of pictures, I won't post any of the people to attended because one guy didn't want his picture on the internet.  So here is the set up without the people.

Jerry's been working on another book while I've been scanning old family pictures into the computer.  I brought a load of old pictures back from my trip to Minnesota and have taken on the project of scanning them into the computer and distributing them on DVDs to my family.  It's a big project!

We leave tomorrow and head up to Oregon.  Jerry's been checking the road situation as there is a chance of snow on the roads.  We plan to be in and about Oregon for the whole summer.

May 26, 2011

Sacramento, California

This is how the blog works.  Everything stops when I leave town.  Sorry, folks, for the break in updates.  Or --- maybe you enjoyed the break!

I got back to Sacramento on Tuesday after being gone for 16 days.  The super glue is still holding my tooth in place.  Spent a week in Pennsylvania at my sister, Lavern, and her husband's lake home place near Elk Mountain.  Here is a picture of where all four of us sisters stayed while we traveled the countryside, laughed, talked and ate -- and caught up with each other's lives.

And, here are the four of us.
Lavern, Dorothy, Me and Ann

Meanwhile, while I was gone, Jerry did an hour spot on a local business radio show in Sacramento, and continued to work on his next book.  He did spend some time with John up in the mountains outside of Lake Tahoe for a couple of days.  They woke up to snow.  Even though he sent me a text before the "end of the world" was predicted to occur on May 21st saying that he had decided, with that in mind, not to clean the coach, he had the place spotless when I returned on Tuesday.

We had to see my friend, Dolly, and her husband, Lance, who live in Fairfield before we leave this place.  So, we joined them for breakfast at a great restaurant this morning in Davis, CA.

 Dolly and Lance

Tomorrow we leave for Redding, California where we will be situated over Memorial Day Weekend.  

May 7, 2011

Sacramento, California


We just spent a great evening with Jerry's sister, Linda, and her daughter, Shea.  They are on their way from visiting Pat and Bill in Cambria, and will make it back home to Grants Pass, Oregon tomorrow.  Lots of laughs when the family gets together, especially when Jerry starts with his stories.

So, tomorrow, I'll be with my family in Minnesota.  As for updating this blog while I'm gone until May 24 -- that will be Jerry's job.

So far, the crazy glue is holding my tooth in place.  We'll see if the TSA will let me take crazy glue on the plane.

Shea (Jerry's niece), Jerry and Linda (Jerry's sister) with Chanti

May 6, 2011

Sacramento, California

Arrived this afternoon in Sacramento, CA and settled in at the Stillman RV Park.  Not an especially fancy park, but they have 50 amps.

Jerry will stay here for three weeks while I fly out on Sunday for Minnesota for a couple of days.  Then, my two sisters and I will fly into Scranton, Pennsylvania to spend a week with our other sister at her lake home near Elk Mountain, PA.  First time all four of us have been together for a week without husbands.  I will spend another week in Minnesota before flying back to Sacramento on May 24.

Meanwhile, Jerry and Chanti (dog) will be holding down the fort.  John, our friend, is planning on spending a week in this area with his RV.  Jerry will be hanging out with John.

Here are a couple of pictures from the Delta Marina area in Isleton where we just left.

  The RV park we just left. It was in the middle of farm country.

This part of the Delta was right across the street from the RV park.

Strawberry fields everywhere.

We stopped along the road to buy some of these sweet strawberries.

Now, here is an issue when you are a full-time RVer.  Even though we just had all of our medical exams completed when we were in Pismo Beach, what do you do when something unexpected arises??  I just broke off my front capped tooth on a chocolate candy bar this afternoon.  It's Friday, and all the dentist offices we called were closed.  In the interim, we will use super glue to put it back on tonight (after dinner).   If that doesn't work,  I will not be smiling on any of the pictures with my sisters.