October 18, 2009

Linda & Jamie's Place in Grants Pass, Oregon

What a fun family get-together.  We spent Wednesday and Thursday night with Linda and Jamie.  They made home-made pizza from scratch one night that was the best pizza we had in a long time.  Jerry made his special chicken dish the next evening which he served on the coach. 

Then, on Friday, the rest of the gang showed up: Pat (Jerry's sister), Bill (Pat's husband), Kheira (their daughter), Shea (Linda and Jamie's daughter), her boyfriend (Tom), and close friend (Melinda).  On Saturday, Story (Linda and Jamie's son) and his fiancee, Julie, arrived.  There were four dogs here, too.  It made for a fun weekend.  Except for Pat, Bill and Kheira, everyone has left.  They will be leaving tomorrow, as will we.  Then, it is off to South Africa for Kheira.  She leaves from San Francisco on Friday.  We all wish her well in her new adventure.

This video is of the group.  It is 10 minutes long.

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Didn' realize Jer's sister Linda lived in Grant's Pass. What a great place - almost moved there about 20 yrs ago. Had a bid on an A frame on a couple acres. Didn't work out. Do they still have a restaurant called "MOthers Kitchen". Great down home food, huge servings, and the most delicious brownies. But that was long ago..........
Say hi to the family for me. Looks like so much fun. cj