October 24, 2009

Scotts Valley, California -- Greg's Place

Drove over to Greg's place on Thursday and have been parked in his driveway for the last two days.  We will be here until Monday. 

This is the view from our window, looking across his front yard.

The weather has been perfect -- 68-72 degrees, sunny, no wind.  Yesterday, we walked with Greg along the ocean walkway.  The ocean was deep blue, as you can see by these pictures.  We've been enjoying our time catching up with Greg.  The picture below is of Greg and his daughter, Delaney.

This afternoon, we borrowed Greg's car and drove up into the hills to see Laura (currently separated from Greg) and the beautiful home that they both rebuilt.  The road, while small with lots of curves, was a beautiful drive.  Again, it was good catching up with Laura and seeing Gabriel and Oliver (ages 6 and 4) who seemed to remember us from last year.

Staying here at Greg's place for a couple more days while we still see other friends tomorrow (Sunday).  Love it here.  It is so dark and quiet at night.

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