October 14, 2009

Grants Pass, Oregon (Linda and Jamie's Place)

Took a picture of the Rogue River at the RV park  (Riverside RV Resort) we stayed at last night.  Rain comes and goes.

Filled the RV water tank with water, emptied the holding tanks, got fuel and are now ready for 5 days of dry camping at Linda (Jerry's sister) and Jamie's place in the country outside of Grants Pass.  We first drove around Grants Pass this morning to do a bit of shopping.  Even though we have been to Grants Pass every year for the last three, we have never been here at this time of year.   It really is a beautiful city with the  hills surrounding the place and the trees turning color.  We even saw a rainbow.

Here is a picture of where we are parked - in front of their house.

Waiting for Jerry's other sister, Pat, and her husband, Bill, and Kheira (Jerry's niece) to arrive on Friday. 

Went through our mail that Pat and Bill forwarded here.  Since we left in April, this was only the third time we received our mail.  It just shows that we can live without receiving mail every day in this lifestyle.  There was nothing urgent in the mail except Jerry's Summons to Jury Duty at the U.S. District Court in LA which he was suppose to be at on October 6.  He called them, and they just said to send in the form immediately.  

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