October 19, 2009

Back into California -- Redding, California

Said our "good-byes" to Linda, Jamie, Pat, Bill and Kheira this morning.  (The others left yesterday.)  We were back on the road by 11 a.m.  We had never travel Highway 5 at this time of the year and we loved all the colors.

Going through Jacksonville, Oregon.

Found a beautiful rest stop right on the Klamath River.  Stopped to eat our lunch there.  

Crossing into California after being out of the state for 6 1/2 months felt weird.  Can't believe this year's trip is soon coming to an end.

Not having been through the Shasta area for two years, we were shocked at the lack of water in the Shasta area.   What more can we say about that!  

Staying at the Premier RV Resort in Redding.  Will stay here for a couple of days.

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