March 24, 2011

Pismo Beach, California

Hi Everyone,

Not much to report.  We have been busy getting our annual medical exams and tests.  Jerry was suppose to have a colonoscopy today.  But, right after he ate a lunch yesterday, he read his paperwork concerning the test.  Lo and behold!  He was not suppose to eat anything on the day before the test!  In all fairness, he called the doctor's office and they postponed the test until next week.

As with most of California, we are experiencing the rain -- one storm after another.  And, tonight, we are going to get hit again.

The State Park next to our RV park is still flooded.  Their website shows that the park is not taking reservations until May.  Here are some pictures (taken with the cell phone) we were able to get on one of the days we had with a break in the rain.

Sign on entrance to the State Park

Stop sign that was on a road in the park

Biking through the park on Tuesday

Jerry is putting on an Effective Listening Seminar on Saturday at the Rabobank community room from 10-12 a.m.  You Cambria folks with nothing to do, come on down.  You might have fun.

March 17, 2011

Pismo Beach, California


And a Happy Birthday to Tom!

Another beautiful week in Pismo Beach.  The tide has been quite high around here since the earthquake in Japan.  We hear the waves crashing on to the shore during the night.  It's nice!

Taken with cell phone on a walk this week.

This morning, Chanti and I couldn't even walk along the beach because the water had covered the whole beach at one time.  It has now receded, but the remaining water on the beach was such that we couldn't get past it.  Had to turn around and cut our walk short.

The State Park next to the RV park is still not open.

Pismo Beach North Coast State Park (taken with cell phone)

On Saturday, Lou and Carolyn, fellow Cambrians, came to visit us.  They have been researching the RV lifestyle to determine whether or not they should jump into it.  We tried to tell them of our experiences thus far, everything from joining clubs that give us discounts or free stays at their parks to what type of toilet paper is best to use in an RV.  We even gave them the movie "RV" with Robin Williams to watch (as they had not seen it) and told them that we have made pretty much most of the same mistakes Robin Williams made in that movie with his RV.  

Lou and Carolyn from Cambria

Something Jerry and I discussed recently about the RV lifestyle is the different energy we experience on a daily basis from that of living in a brick and mortar house.  When we lived in a house, we didn't talk to other people unless we got into our car and went somewhere, or talked to people on the phone or neighbors next door.  With the RV, we can choose to go to a secluded place to be alone -- or, we can choose to go to an RV park where others are parked, also.  When in an RV park, people are all around and the energy is contagious.  The people are friendly, most accommodating, and generally in a good mood because they are not at work.  If you don't want to socialize, you always have the option of staying in your RV.

Last Sunday, we met with friends and relatives at the Moonstone Beach Bar and Grill in Cambria.  I have known Sandy since 1983 and it was good to see her and her family again.  Pat and Bill also joined us.

Pat, Larry (Sandy's husband), Sally (Sandy's sister), Tom (Sandy's brother-in-law), 
Jerry, me, Sandy and Bill

Here are just a couple of pictures of the ocean we took this week.

Fog coming in over the ocean.

Birds on the beach

March 10, 2011

Pismo Beach, California

Thought we'd let everyone know that we arrived in Pismo Beach on March 2 and have settled in to the place we now call our "home" park.  We will be here until April 25.  We love it here.

Pat and Bill joined us for dinner last week and brought our mail from Cambria.  Didn't take any pictures and didn't even walk on the beach because it was drizzling slightly.  It was good catching up with them.

We've been getting our annual doctor/dentist/eye appointments scheduled and working on getting our taxes done.  Then, we will be free to continue this life style for another year.

Taken with cell phone while walking on the beach.

The weather has been nice and we are back into a routine running/walking schedule.  We always thought that nothing beats walking on the Fiscalini Ranch in Cambria, but we are loving our walks on the beach here in Pismo.

Taken with cell phone this morning on the beach -- it was foggy outside.

Here is a picture of one of the sunsets taken over the weekend.  You may think that we post the same pictures of sunsets from Pismo every time we come here.  But no!  What you are seeing is the most recent sunset picture taken while we are here at the time.

The State Park right next to this RV Park has been closed due to the flooding we reported about last December.  The park service is working to clean the place up and it looks really green.  We are hoping that they will open it up soon as we would love to have our kids from LA come up here for a weekend and camp out in the park.  They would enjoy it as it is right next to the beach, too.

Jerry still belongs to Toastmasters and he is off to a meeting in Morro Bay this evening. I, myself, have just resigned from the organization as I've been there, done that.  But, Jerry is pursuing his speaking career and will be continuing with Toastmasters.  His latest book (Prospecting, Presentation and Close) was published in February and is available on Amazon.