February 23, 2010

Walking the Fiscalini Ranch in Cambria, CA

Just some scenes of people enjoying the Fiscalini Ranch -- a treasure in the midst of Cambria, California.  The walkway closest to the beach is .8 mile from one side to the other.  Locals usually run into people they know and, more often, friendly tourist or visitors to this area.  Lots of dogs. 
Even a bird needs its Ranch experience!
A couple of people sitting on a bench enjoying the peaceful ocean sounds and view.
This is the scene as you come to the north side of the Ranch, looking over at the Park Hill area.

February 17, 2010

Piedras Blancas Light Station - San Simeon, California

Yesterday we spent a few hours touring the Piedras Blancas Light Station.  This lighthouse is celebrating its 135th birthday (built in 1875, less than 10 years after the Civil War).  It is currently under the Bureau of Land Management.  Originally it stood 110 feet above mean high tide.  The current height today is 74 feet because the initial Fresnel lens (beacon) was removed in 1975 (and is on display in Cambria).  It was replaced with a modern beacon.  The lighthouse is open for public tours every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, weather permitting.  
The Piedras Blancas Light Station
Really old steps leading into the lighthouse.
Here we see pelicans flying along the coast near the lighthouse.
Just have to show you more of our beautiful coastline.

February 10, 2010

Avila Beach, California

We take one step forward and two back as more delays set in to slow our progress towards getting the house on the market.  We are not discouraged as we see the end of our house anchor in Cambria in sight.  

But, first, as we left to spent the weekend in Avila Beach for a photo shoot, the RV nearly didn't make it out of the mud that soaked the ground with all the rains we had recently.  Dug a deep hole that we figured we'd address when we got back.
Avila Beach is what California is all about.
Avila Beach (about 45 minutes south of Cambria)
Parked at Avila Beach
Just one other camper in our area.  
It rained off and on during the weekend.  Beautiful rainbow breaking through the clouds.
Pelicans everywhere!
After Avila Beach, we decided to spend the night in San Simeon State Park as we contemplated what to do about the large hole where the RV was to be parked by our house.  Bill and Jerry first laid some additional running boards to drive on.  Then, after many phone calls, Jerry finally got help filling in the hole with rock and other ground cover. 

Spreading rock over ground so we can park RV next to house.