January 30, 2011

Bonita, California (near San Diego)

You know that we are retired when we didn't even keep track of the fact that we were suppose to leave this Sweetwater County RV Park today (Sunday) instead of tomorrow as we were planning to do.  The park host just came to knock at our door to tell us we were scheduled to leave today and to ask us to pay for another night.  Jerry called the next place and told them we would be a day late in arriving.

We had just returned from a very nice lunch and visit with Annie, a friend I met on the train in April when I took the train from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles to attend a funeral.  We went to lunch on Coronado Island.  It looks as if it is going to rain, but so far, we've had just a few sprinkles.  Hang on -- here comes the rain.

 In the restaurant with Annie

The presentation of the food at the restaurant was so elegant, considering that this was just a brunch, that we had to take pictures of it before we started eating.

Annie had the ahi tuna plate to the left, and I had the spinach salad with apples, pecans, cheese and dijon mustard dressing to the right.  

As long as I'm updating the blog,  I might just as well tell you about the 3 miles hike Chanti and I took yesterday along an equestrian and hiking trail.  (Marijean had left to go to New York, and John and Jerry were watching movies that I won't watch.)

Sharing the trail with the horses.

From high on the hill, you can see the layout of the new section of the RV park under construction.

Part of the view from the trail.

And, the trail continues.

And continues ....

....until we head back to the RV park in the distance.

We are definitely out of here tomorrow.  Not sure about how much internet coverage we will have at the next place -- so we may be out of reach for a couple of weeks.  We'll see.

January 28, 2011

Bonita, California (near San Diego)

Taken with cellphone on our walk around Sweetwater County Park

Arrived here on Monday.  John was already here. Marijean arrived on Tuesday.  We are parked right next to them at the Sweetwater County Park.

Parked with John and Marijean's RV in the background.

This is really a nice place with just a few sites and full hookup.  San Diego County, however, is expanding the park with beautiful long pull through sites, eventually having over 90 sites here.  It is  expected to open the new area in the next section in two months. They are currently working on the project.  This park is out in the hills, but with city views from the new sites.

Road around the park

On Wednesday, Marijean and I went to San Diego's Old Town.  Had a delicious Mexican lunch and walked the shops.

The real thing -- all metal (except for the fake horse)!  (At the Wells Fargo Museum in Old Town)

The following pictures were taken on my cell phone of Old Town.

Then, yesterday was another fun day.  We had invited Carol and Dick (old friends), John and Marijean, and James (old friend of John and Jerry) to a lunch.

Carol, Marijean, John, James, Dick and Jerry (Hey, folks, we are all retired.)

After lunch, we all drove out to Carol and Dick's hanger at the airport to see the completion of Dick's plane that he built from scratch.  (Those who have followed our blog in 2007 may remember that we documented our last visit with them that year and posted pictures of the not yet completed plane.)

Dick and Carol with the finished plane.  What a beauty! (And so are they.)

Close up of the plane.

John, James, Marijean, Jerry, Carol and Dick with the plane

Later that day, our nephew, Todd, came to dinner.  He is a Commander in the Navy and is stationed at San Diego Naval Hospital.  It's always fun catching up with him, though it may be years between the times we get to see him.  But, since he is stationed in San Diego for the next three years, we will be seeing him more often.  

He drove out in his new 2011 black 535i BMW which still didn't have tags. (I regret that I didn't take a picture of it.)  Jerry BBQed pork ribs.  

Todd and me (with Chanti)

We will be leaving here on Monday.

January 23, 2011

Long Beach, California

Tonight will be our last night here in Long Beach, California.

Long Beach Marina within walking distance of the RV park.

Yesterday was such a fun day.  First of all, I got to meet up with former co-workers and friends from Hughes.  We met at the Elephant Restaurant in La Mirada.  It felt as if time stood still as we all caught up on each other's lives (and those not present).  It's been over 11 years since I've seen most of them.  Here we are at the restaurant, though group pictures such as this do not always turn out the best.

Joyce, BJ, Robin, Eddie, Evette, Doris, Jeanie, Me, Silvia and Dolly

Then, Jerry and I headed over to Susan (daughter) and Raul's place where Jerry treated them with a steak dinner for Susan's 42nd birthday.  It was great fun being with them and with Samantha (age 11), Christian (age 9) and Ivan (age 19).

Christian, Samantha, Susan, Ivan and Raul

Heading to San Diego tomorrow.  Weather is a beautiful 75 degrees and is expected to stay that way.

January 17, 2011

Long Beach, California

We love staying here at the Golden Shore RV Resort in Long Beach.  It has easy access to the freeway, is located next to the ocean and is within walking distance of the marina with its shops and downtown Long Beach.

Since we are hanging around our old stomping grounds, we have been busy seeing old friends and relatives.  Now that we have a vehicle, we can drive to visit them instead of trying to arrange for them to come to see us on the coach.  This blog update will summarize the different get togethers we have had so far, with two more to go before we leave here next Monday.

First, Jerry cooked a dinner for son, Shan, who turned 43 on his birthday.  Here he is with his girl friend, Roxanne.

Then, we drove to Irvine one Sunday to see long time friends, John and Christine, who served us a delicious brunch.

Last Tuesday, I met with long-time Hughes co-workers for a lunch at a wonderful restaurant in El Segundo called the Marmalade.
Sharon, Me, Mary Ann, and Eddie

From there, we went to see Jerry's former photo teacher from his high school days, John Scott.
John Scott and Jerry at John's house in Manhattan Beach

John had just returned from Thailand and brought back a very old opium pipe.

Opium pipe from Thailand

One last thing, John's beautiful house (located right on the beach) has recently been designated an Historical Landmark from the Manhattan Beach Historic Landmark Cultural Heritage Conservancy.

Plaque on John's House

Then, last Saturday we drove around Marina del Rey, Playa del Rey, and ended up in Venice to join friends for brunch.

Marina del Rey
(Stopped the car the get this picture, and Jerry almost got a ticket for not putting money in the meter.)

Walt and Joan at 29 Place Restaurant in Venice

Cammie, Joan and Me outside of the restaurant

Then, yesterday, Andrea and Natalie (granddaughter) joined us in Long Beach where Natalie swam in the pool, and we enjoyed our visit with both of them.

Natalie and Andrea

The weather has been in the low 70s -- beautiful.  This is a great life!

January 3, 2011



It took two days for the mechanic to apply the tow package to our RV and Tahoe SUV.  Then, on December 23rd, we drove (actually, to be more correct, Jerry drove) the RV from Paso Robles to LA with the Tahoe hitched behind us.  It was interesting.  Jerry only beeped his horn three times, but had a lot to say to all the "Jacks" and "Dicks" (last names omitted) on the road with him.  But, with all due respects, it was teaming rain.  We even saw a double rainbow.

Parked in front of Sue and Raul's place for December 23-26.  We usually stay just 3 or 4 days there before moving on to Long Beach.

Angela, Samantha and Christian

We spent the last week in December in Long Beach at our favorite RV Park (Golden Shores RV Resort) visiting family and friends in the Los Angeles.  Now that we are towing a car, we no longer have to rent and have more freedom to move about. 

Christmas Day was special as we were with the families of all four kids, including 9 of our 10 grandkids (ages 5-18). 

Jerry cooks two turkeys and a ham

Having fun dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller

Bob, Tom, Shan, Sue, Sean, Mary

Two youngest grandkids (Natalie and James)

Sara, Brenna, Erin, Lily (Erin's friend) and Angela in front
Last Thursday, we went to the Long Beach Aquarium with Sean (son), Rachelle (his girlfriend) and Angela (granddaughter) from Fargo, ND. 

Angela taking pictures at the Aquarium

Then, for New Years Eve, we drove the car to Temecula, California to spend the evening with John and Marijean.  They also invited others to celebrate with them in their hugh new house and served a wonderful dinner. We spent the night with them and, on New Years Day, kept up the Shea Family Tradition of eating Chinese food for "good luck" throughout the coming year.  The restaurant was in the Pechunga Casino and the food was excellent.

Jery, John, Marijean, Greg, Patti and Linda

We will be here in Long Beach until January 24th.  Unless anything exciting happens that we feel we should write about, we probably won't be up-dating this blog until then.