November 29, 2010

Pismo Beach, CA

Still here in Pismo Beach, a great part of the country to be in!  It's been cold around here - in the 50s/60s during the day and 30s/40s at night.  We also had a bit of rain lately.

Pat and Bill joined us for Thanksgiving.  We walked the beach and then sat down to crab bisque soup, duck with orange marmalade sauce, Minnesota wild rice with bacon and onions, and pecan pie (with ice cream and whipping cream).  Jerry really makes the best duck, not greasy at all. 

Pat and Bill on Thanksgiving Day
Jerry, Pat and Bill on the beach

Then, this past weekend, we had the pleasure of hosting our friend, Greg, from Scotts Valley who brought us firewood and a rack of lamb that Jerry cooked.  He also brought Brianna, his golden retriever, that is a companion dog for his daughter.  We regret that we didn't get any pictures of her.  Thought of it a few times, but by the time I walked to get the camera, I got diverted.   

Greg and Jerry this past weekend having salad with salmon and garlic toast

Nearly empty Pismo Coast  Village RV Resort today (it was filled for the past two weeks)

Today, we ran into San Luis Obispo to get a few things.  Am mostly done with Christmas shopping.  Jerry is doing his research on towing mechanisms.  We expect to begin towing our SUV when we leave here on December 20, which will add a new dimension to our lives.

November 7, 2010

Pismo Beach, CA

We are back!! The Albuqueque, NM RV Park was nothing to write home about, but it did give us time to catch up with things before we hit the road again.  Left Albuqueque on Wednesday and did three long days of driving to get to Pismo Beach by Friday.  We are now settled in here at what we consider our "home park."  We expect to be here until December 20 when we will start to make our way down to LA for the holidays.

It rained off and on yesterday.  Heavy clouds still off to the East.

Pat and Bill brought down our SUV and mail yesterday.  They stayed for dinner before going back to Cambria.  Here are pictures we took last night as we walked in the park to see the sun go down over the ocean. 

Now that we are here, we would like to welcome anyone passing through the Pismo Beach area to stop in and see us (Pismo Coast Village RV Resort).  We probably won't be updating this blog on a regular basis going forward -- just will add updates when we come across something we think we should share.  But, our 2010 travels are basically over after near 8,000 miles in 7 1/2 months.  What a life!