October 31, 2009

Cambria, California

Been home three days now.  Since we are using our Verizon pc card and Mifi to access the internet (which is notably difficult to do in Cambria if you have to rely on cell and data coverage by cell phone companies that have no presence in this town), I won't include pictures.  It would just take too long to upload.  But, the good news is that we will be back on DSL by mid-next week.

Caught up on all the mail that we haven't seen for the last 6 1/2 months.  Jerry did a little work on the house and Chanti and I went for a long walk on the ranch.  Of all the places we have seen in the last three years, especially in Alaska and British Columbia, both of us agree that Cambria and the drive along the ocean from Cambria to Morro Bay rank right up there with some of the most beautiful scenes out there.

Will post pictures once we have DSL again.

October 28, 2009

Back in Cambria, California

Very interesting plans ahead for developing a luxury RV resort in Paso Robles in the future.  We will stay in touch with them.  It could become our future home?????

Drove over the hill (Highway 46) from Paso Robles to Cambria this morning.  This 27 mile drive from Paso Robles to Highway 1 that leads into Cambria is one of the most beautiful drives you can take.  Since I was so used to taking pictures from the RV as we travel, I had to continue taking pictures of Highway 46 this morning.  

As you get closer to Cambria, you see the Pacific Ocean.

This last picture is the view coming into Cambria on Highway 1.

We've been gone for 6 1/2 months so far this year.  Will be home for three weeks before we leave again on another trip. 

This is Jerry (the small black spot in the middle) as he walks to our house before he parked the RV.  He had to check out the area first because he had some debris removed.

Pat and Bill were at the house when we arrived.  Now -- there is much to do as we get re-settled in Cambria for the next three weeks.  First, we are going out with Pat and Bill for dinner tonight to celebrate Bill's birthday.

October 26, 2009

Now in Paso Robles, California 2009

Said our "good-byes" to Greg this morning and traveled less than 3 hours down to Paso Robles.  The temperature was 69 degrees, sky clear and some of the hills are still green. 

We are at the Paso Robles Wine Country RV Resort.  This is the first RV park that we stayed at after we purchased the Vectra three years ago.  And, in 9 more miles, the odometer will turn 60,000 miles.  That means that we have traveled 46,000 miles in three years.  We've enjoyed every moment of it.

We are parked on the upper level of the park and will stay here for two nights.  Wi-fi is fast and free, and the there is a jacuzzi here. 

Tomorrow we meet with one of the owners who will tell us about their plan to build a motorhome resort here in Paso Robles where RVers can purchase their own lots.  We've looked at 6 such places so far (Las Vegas, Mesquite, Indio, Cathedral City, Temecula and Newport OR).  Should be interesting.

Scotts Valley, California (still at Greg's place)

After we got back from seeing Laura on Saturday, we were treated to a great barbeque meal that Greg made.  Jerry likes getting a break from cooking every now and then.

Yesterday (Sunday) was filled with activity.  It started out by Chanti (our dog) getting sick during the night.  We took turns taking her out.  When she started getting worse, we called a local vet.  Greg drove us in while Jerry stayed behind as we were expecting guests.  (Thanks, Greg, for interrupting your football game to do this.)  Chanti was dehydrated and given saline injections, anti nausea and antibiotic injections, and more medicine to give after we got home.  End result --- she is back to her normal self today. 

When we got home, Doug and Alice were already here visiting with Jerry.  We have known Doug over 30 years as Jerry hired him for the audiovisual department of St. John's Hospital back in the '70s.  He was 18 then and just out of high school.  Today, he is a COO of a medical company. 

Doug, Alice, Jerry and Mary
We spent the evening with Chuck and Betty at their beach house.  I went to grade school and high school with Chuck (who was the smartest kid in our class).  First, they each gave us tours of their homes.  Betty's rental house and yard is hugh, and is rented out for weddings.  Then we drove to their beach house just in time to get pictures of the sun setting over the ocean.  (No -- we did not drive our RV there -- Greg drove.)

Chuck, Betty, Mary and Jerry

We are leaving today to drive to Paso Robles, our last stop on this trip.  Boo hoo!!!

October 24, 2009

Scotts Valley, California -- Greg's Place

Drove over to Greg's place on Thursday and have been parked in his driveway for the last two days.  We will be here until Monday. 

This is the view from our window, looking across his front yard.

The weather has been perfect -- 68-72 degrees, sunny, no wind.  Yesterday, we walked with Greg along the ocean walkway.  The ocean was deep blue, as you can see by these pictures.  We've been enjoying our time catching up with Greg.  The picture below is of Greg and his daughter, Delaney.

This afternoon, we borrowed Greg's car and drove up into the hills to see Laura (currently separated from Greg) and the beautiful home that they both rebuilt.  The road, while small with lots of curves, was a beautiful drive.  Again, it was good catching up with Laura and seeing Gabriel and Oliver (ages 6 and 4) who seemed to remember us from last year.

Staying here at Greg's place for a couple more days while we still see other friends tomorrow (Sunday).  Love it here.  It is so dark and quiet at night.

October 22, 2009

Scotts Valley, California

Left Redding, CA yesterday (October 21) and drove to Vacaville.  Stopped at a Camping World where they gave us a brand new water pump in exchange for the one we bought before we left on this trip.  Stayed only one night in Vacaville at the Midway RV Resort.  The weather was so mild we ate our dinner outside.

A white cat with absolutely no fear joined us.   Chanti didn't know what to do about that, especially when she got too close and the cat swiped at her. 

Drove to Scotts Valley today.  My, but the freeway was really bumpy in large sections.  We are staying at the Scotts Valley RV Resort.  Plan on staying here for only one night before moving on to our friend, Greg's place where we will park in his big yard for 3 or 4 nights.  Plan on spending time with Greg and seeing other friends in the area over the weekend.

Parked at Scotts Valley RV Resort

October 19, 2009

Back into California -- Redding, California

Said our "good-byes" to Linda, Jamie, Pat, Bill and Kheira this morning.  (The others left yesterday.)  We were back on the road by 11 a.m.  We had never travel Highway 5 at this time of the year and we loved all the colors.

Going through Jacksonville, Oregon.

Found a beautiful rest stop right on the Klamath River.  Stopped to eat our lunch there.  

Crossing into California after being out of the state for 6 1/2 months felt weird.  Can't believe this year's trip is soon coming to an end.

Not having been through the Shasta area for two years, we were shocked at the lack of water in the Shasta area.   What more can we say about that!  

Staying at the Premier RV Resort in Redding.  Will stay here for a couple of days.

October 18, 2009

Linda & Jamie's Place in Grants Pass, Oregon

What a fun family get-together.  We spent Wednesday and Thursday night with Linda and Jamie.  They made home-made pizza from scratch one night that was the best pizza we had in a long time.  Jerry made his special chicken dish the next evening which he served on the coach. 

Then, on Friday, the rest of the gang showed up: Pat (Jerry's sister), Bill (Pat's husband), Kheira (their daughter), Shea (Linda and Jamie's daughter), her boyfriend (Tom), and close friend (Melinda).  On Saturday, Story (Linda and Jamie's son) and his fiancee, Julie, arrived.  There were four dogs here, too.  It made for a fun weekend.  Except for Pat, Bill and Kheira, everyone has left.  They will be leaving tomorrow, as will we.  Then, it is off to South Africa for Kheira.  She leaves from San Francisco on Friday.  We all wish her well in her new adventure.

This video is of the group.  It is 10 minutes long.

October 14, 2009

Grants Pass, Oregon (Linda and Jamie's Place)

Took a picture of the Rogue River at the RV park  (Riverside RV Resort) we stayed at last night.  Rain comes and goes.

Filled the RV water tank with water, emptied the holding tanks, got fuel and are now ready for 5 days of dry camping at Linda (Jerry's sister) and Jamie's place in the country outside of Grants Pass.  We first drove around Grants Pass this morning to do a bit of shopping.  Even though we have been to Grants Pass every year for the last three, we have never been here at this time of year.   It really is a beautiful city with the  hills surrounding the place and the trees turning color.  We even saw a rainbow.

Here is a picture of where we are parked - in front of their house.

Waiting for Jerry's other sister, Pat, and her husband, Bill, and Kheira (Jerry's niece) to arrive on Friday. 

Went through our mail that Pat and Bill forwarded here.  Since we left in April, this was only the third time we received our mail.  It just shows that we can live without receiving mail every day in this lifestyle.  There was nothing urgent in the mail except Jerry's Summons to Jury Duty at the U.S. District Court in LA which he was suppose to be at on October 6.  He called them, and they just said to send in the form immediately.  

October 13, 2009

Grants Pass, Oregon

Moved on to Grants Pass, Oregon, about 120 miles from Coos Bay.  What a beautiful ride through winding roads and hills and colorful trees.  It started out with a few drizzles, but then the fog rolled in, followed by rain that got progressively heavier as we approached Grants Pass.  It is still raining and may continue through the night.  I tried to take pictures to show the natural beauty along the way, but the rain made that difficult.

This picture shows the fog coming in.

We are staying at an RV park right on the bank of the Rogue River.  I'm not going out to take a picture of it in the rain, so you will just have to picture it in your mind.

Tomorrow, we head over to Jerry's sister's place where a few of his family member will be gathering for the weekend.

October 11, 2009

Still in Coos Bay, Oregon

Moved to a new spot on the bay and next to the casino.  Will stay here a couple of days.  Jerry doesn't gamble, but I enjoy it at times.   Weather is 63 degrees -- beautiful here!

October 9, 2009

Coos Bay, Oregon

So we noticed a strange thing here in Oregon.  We thought that the gas stations were going back to the '50s and '60s when there was no self service but attendants filled your gas tanks.  Come to find out that Oregon has a law that prohibits the driver from filling his or her own gas tank.  The driver cannot even touch the handle.  Attendants (very pleasant ones) have to fill your gas tank.  This give them a job (which is why they are so pleasant) and, you wouldn't believe it, but the price of the gasoline doesn't seem to reflect the additional service.  The penalty is $2,000 for the driver and $5,000 for the station owner if caught filling your own gas tank or even replacing the nozzle after it is filled (can't touch it at all). 

We drove to Coos Bay, Oregon yesterday.  This is another small Oregon city located on the water.  The weather is absolutely perfect, so we took the bikes out again today.  Biking is turning out to be our form of exercise these days.  I am not walking that much anymore (got out of the habit in Alaska -- afraid of the bears), and Jerry cracked or bruised a rib about three weeks ago and hasn't been running.  He feels pretty much okay, except when he lies down or gets up.  He tried running the other day, but his rib bothered him too much.  So biking works for both of us. 

Coos Bay has a casino about three miles from where we are staying.  We biked over there today, went in, and did a bit of gambling. 

Plan on staying in this RV park until Sunday.

October 6, 2009

Bike Ride Down to Ocean

Just have to post the pictures we took today during our bike ride to the ocean.  This RV park and the road are paved and so the ride to the jetty and ocean (only one mile from where we are parked) was great.  Jerry took one picture of me biking on the road.