February 26, 2012

Pismo Beach, California

Another week of very nice weather here in Pismo Beach. Had a chance to run up to Cambria in the week and have breakfast at the Creekside Garden with Pat and Bill who are now back from South Africa. They were gone from Cambria for 3 months and it was good to see them again.

We were also able to spend a little time with Chuck and Sheila who drove down here from Cambria to spend an evening with us. Sheila is the author of Lifesigns, a must read book. What a fun evening.

Chuck and Sheila

Also was able to see Toni again. She lives right near the beach in Shell Beach and she had us over for an evening. After dinner, we were able to walk less than 100 feet to watch the sun go down.  Here are pictures we took that evening.

Jerry, Chant and Toni watching the sun go down.

And the picture taken from behind them.

Beautiful pink sunset that evening

We were able to go biking one day this week and took the beach route back to the RV park.  Actually, riding a bike on the beach wasn't that bad as long as we rode close to the water where the sand was firmer.

Caught lots of seagulls with my cell phone one day while on a walk.

This week we also celebrated Jerry's 69th birthday and the 38th year of our first date. We are very thankful to be able to celebrate this life together and take nothing for granted.  

Have a great week!

February 19, 2012

Pismo Beach, California

Getting anxious to get on the road again, but we first still have more to do here in Pismo Beach. Spent the last two weeks scanning old photographs into the computer and making up disks for each of the kids.    Makes one realize how fast time flies.

Had a very nice weekend with Shannon (son) and our 7 year old granddaughter, Natalie, who drove up here from LA and spent the night. Natalie also helped remind us that time is flying fast. When Jerry built a camp fire last night, she wanted to roast marsh mellows. Since we didn't have any on the coach, someone had to walk her to the nearby mini-mart to buy some. It was dark outside and I offered to take her to the store. What do you think her greatest fear was? How about her statement: "I don't want grandma to go with me because she is old and cannot protect me." FYI, we took flashlights and made the trip without incident.

Jerry, Natalie and Shan by the fire (sorry, but I took this picture with a flash)

This morning we checked out the Monarch butterflies again. 

Natalie studying the butterflies on the ground

 Monarch in tree

We did run up to Cambria to get our mail this week past week. 
Here is a picture of the coastline near Morrow Bay.

Hwy 1 Coastline near Morrow Bay

Have a great Holiday Weekend and coming week.

February 5, 2012

Pismo Beach, California

This Pismo Coast Village RV Park is a beehive of activity on the weekends. On the weekends, the place is nearly full with campers. Then, come Monday, it empties out and we have the park pretty much to ourselves (along with other full-timers who do not have to leave to go to work on Monday.)

This is what we saw from our front window on Wednesday.

Right now, everyone around us is packing up to leave. Guess they want to make it back home before the Super Bowl game starts. Speaking of the game, we are looking forward to watching it later today. Jerry has stocked up with the food and is making more.

A Wall Street Journal article discussed the relationship between the Super Bowl and the DOW. If history is any indication, it reports that IF the team that was part of the original NFL wins (in this case, the Giants), there is an 80% chance that the market will go up in 2012.  Go Giants!

During the week, we ran over to Paso Robles to pick up new business cards for Jerry. Came across this accident on Hwy 101 just south of Atascadero. Hopefully no one was seriously injured.

Accident on Hwy. 101

We were able to connect with a few people this week. First, we had a nice breakfast at the Creek Side Garden Restaurant in Cambria on Tuesday with friends, Cheryl and Sammy. Here is a picture we took of them.

Cheryl and Sammy

Later, Toni joined us for dinner at our place. Jerry and Toni go back 47 years when they met at St. John's Hospital and Health Center where they both worked.

Jerry and Toni

When we were in Cambria, we dropped off all of our tax materials to our accountant. Getting our tax returns done early -- and it feels good.

Other than that, here are some scenery pictures I took this week.

Taken with the cell phone while on my walk with Chanti. Shows steps 
out of the park to the ocean as the sun is setting.

There are actually three sets of steps from this park to the ocean.

Just having fun with my cell phone.

Taken on another evening with the Nikon D300s.

That's all, folks. Have fun watching the game and don't eat or drink too much.