October 30, 2012

Cherry Hill Park, Maryland


First of all, our hearts and prayers go out to all of the people on the East Coast, especially in New York and New Jersey, who are suffering because of the hurricane that just slammed into the area earlier this week. The pictures on television show all of the devastation and issues that these cities have to deal with in the coming days and months. All the major local television stations have continuous coverage almost 24/7. 

Liberty Harbor RV Park in Jersey City is under water. This is the park that we stayed at during our visit to New York a couple of weeks ago.  And the streets that we drove on in Atlantic City are under water.

As for us, we are glad Miss Sandy has passed. There is a slight drizzle today and the temperature is 43 degrees. We may still get snow as the weather reporter just mention that some snow flakes are starting to fall in Washington D.C. (We are 10 miles from Washington D.C.) We experienced winds of approximately 45-60 miles per hour, with a number of hard gusts last night. Rain was heavy starting on Sunday night and continuing non-stop until this morning.

Chanti actually handled it all much better than we had expected. We only had to give her the homeopathic anti-anxiety drops on two occasions.

Also, I have been in touch with Lavern and Bob who are hunkered down in their lake home in upper Pennsylvania. They experience lots of wind with loud roaring sounds, but took comfort in eating their cherry and pecan pies.

The RV park emptied out right before the hurricane hit, and there are not that many coaches in this park of over 700 sites. Here are a couple of the before and after pictures of where we are parked.

Photo taken when we first arrived on Friday. (See Jerry
on the left talking to the neighbor as to what will be
the best course of action to take.)

Photo taken this morning.

We will watch the weather reports, and assuming the snow stays away, we plan on continuing our travels south. We expect to come back to this area next year when we may be able to see more of the Washington D.C. sites.

Continue to keep the people affected by Miss Sandy in your prayers.

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