October 22, 2012

Delaware and West Chester, PA

Before we left New Jersey, we stayed for one night at the Brendan T Byrne State Forest Campground. Now, here was an experience! We drove for 5 miles to get deep into the forest to our assigned site. No one was anywhere near us. Sometimes that can be a bit scary when you realize that we are in an area with no cell coverage if something serious or life threatening were to occur.

  Deep into the Brendan T Byrne State Forest.

We purposely made this trip to this area to meet up with Angie and Rob. After we settled in, we drove the car over to their place in Eastampton, New Jersey. It had been about a year since we last saw them near Sacramento, California. As Rob is in the Air Force, they transferred out to New Jersey this past year. 

Jerry, Me, Angie and Rob

After going out for dinner and catching up, we went back their their lovely place for delicious apple crisp that Angie created. Yummy!!

We wanted to get back to the motorhome before it got too late as a heavy thunderstorm was on its way. And, it hit us just as we arrived back into the forest. Lots of rain all night long.

In the morning, it was still raining, but we headed out to Delaware. Living in California, we forget how nice we have it when driving the many freeways. Yes, they may be crowded at times, but at least they are FREE. Like Jerry says, that's why they call them freeways. Well -- they don't call them freeways here on the East Coast because you have to stop every few miles and pay toll fees. In 10 days, we've shelled out $103 just to travel down New Jersey. To cross the Delaware bridge was $20. We pity the people who have to travel these roads to get to and from work each day. 

The Delaware Bridge

At least we did get to see some of the colored leaves
on our way to Delaware.

The East Coast also takes first place in the number of wires everywhere. I don't get it. The scenery is beautiful, but is blanketed with wires, wires and more wires.

This is not even the worst of what we have seen.

We chose to stay at the Lums Pond State Park near Bear, Delaware because we thought that it was close to Lavern and Bob's place in West Chester, PA.  But when we discovered that we were still over an hour away from them, we decided to stay just one night and then move on closer to West Chester.

Parked in Lums Pond State Park in Bear, Delaware
(See Jerry and Chanti on a walk.)

The park was beautiful.

Lums Pond State Park actually has a pond.

Love the colors!

So, after spending Friday night in this park, we drove on Saturday to meet Bob and Lavern for lunch at a large indoor swap meet. Afterwards, we walked around the place and saw some interesting things.

 How about selling wine in a paint can?

From there we all drove to the West Chester KOA where we still are staying until tomorrow.

West Chester KOA. The leaves are
falling fast from the trees.

Bob and Lavern in our motorhome soon after we arrived.

The four of us hung around together for the rest of the weekend and did our fair share of eating, needless to say.

Lavern and me taken today at one of their
favorite restaurants, the Bamboo Restaurant.

Today, Bob also ran me over to his dentist to see if the dentist could glue in the latest tooth that I flung out of my mouth during dental flossing. He couldn't help me. Luckily, the missing tooth is in the back of my mouth so no one sees that it is missing. I'll wait until the end of next year when I'm back in California to do something about it. Jerry said I should put it in an envelope along with all of the other ones that I will accidentally remove during the coming year. 

After our lunch today, Bob and Lavern left to head up north. Jerry and I will spend one more night here where we will be watching the debate tonight. We will vote by absentee ballot in the next day or two. We leave here tomorrow and head to Washington, D.C.

Have a great week, everyone.

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