November 3, 2012

Gasburg, Virginia

Before we left the Washington D.C. area, we had one last day of no rain before moving on. Thus, I was able to visit the Smithsonian American Art Museum and National Portrait Gallery. Jerry had other business in town so he dropped me off at the Museum. I arrived just in time for the tour of the Presidents' portraits given by a docent who really was informative. So interesting to see the portraits and hear about the interesting details (quirks) of our past presidents.

Smithsonian American Art Museum and National Portrait Gallery

The US Capitol Building (jumped out of the 
car to capture this one)

Then, on Thursday, we packed up and started down I-95. Somewhere right outside of Richmond, Virginia, we saw many police motorcycles with flashing lights blocking off I-95 in the opposite direction for miles. We figured it must be Romney or Obama coming down the Interstate. We were right. It was the Romney-Ryan bus. 

I had to be quick to capture this one out of the front
window of the motorhome as we were traveling
in the opposite direction on I-95.

We drove 200 miles that day to arrive at The Club at Lake Gaston here in lower Virginia. In fact, we are about 4 miles from the North Carolina border.

Parked at The Club at Lake Gaston

Again, we are totally isolated as you can see by the above picture. The park is virtually empty. The nights are pitch black, no sounds of any sort (other than birds) and ideal for anyone wanting to get away from it all. Unfortunately, this also means that we do not get any television, other than the local PBS station. So we have seen exactly one hour of news on Thursday and on Friday. Jerry is dying to hear the voices of people other than me.

Because watching the election results is very important to us, we will move to another site in this park tomorrow just to see if we can get DirecTv. If we can, we will stay here. If we can't get DirecTv, we will move on to another park where we can get it in time for Tuesday's results.

The Lake at the RV Park

The clubhouse at the park. This is a first class RV park.

One of the many walking paths in the park.

Love looking up at the tall trees and 
seeing the many colored patterns.

You know we are in the south when we see cotton fields.

Cotton -- up and close.

Cotton field.

Hopefully we get our television back tomorrow. Have a great weekend and week ahead.

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