October 14, 2012

New York City and Jersey City

Whew! Talk about going from total isolation to being swept up in a high energy environment! We made it okay to the Liberty RV Park in Jersey City -- the only RV park in this whole area. The next closest park to NYC is an hour an a half away. This park is basically a parking lot with electricity and water, and one dump station. But, are we complaining? No because we are next to the Hudson River and literally a ferry trip away from it all.

Here we are parked at the Liberty RV Park.

We made a list at the beginning of this week of everything we wanted to see while we were here. Top on the list was the 911 Memorial. So, we took the ferry on Tuesday and spent the afternoon at the Memorial. All of the tour guides are persons who have had a direct connection with 911.  Our tour guide was a fire captain with the NYC Fire Department with 20 years of service. He spoke of his experience on that awful day, how his chief was killed making him next in line, and how he lost some of his best friends in his battalion that day. He gave us a history of how the towers were built and how all that played into the collapse.  

He also told us some of his personal experiences. For example, after working on the site for two weeks straight, he sat down to rest for a few minutes one day. From high in the clear blue sky, he watch as a piece of paper came floating down and landed right at his feet. He picked it up and realized that it was a check (that had not been cashed) written by his neighbor's son-in-law who died in one of the towers. He took the check home and gave it to his neighbor to give to the neighbor's daughter. It turns out that the son-in-law had written the check to a florist for flowers to be sent to his wife on their fifth wedding anniversary that week. 

Bronze Memorial dedicated to the first responders.

Part of the 911 Memorial -- hallowed ground.

911 Memorial Reflective Pond

New World Trade Center Tower still under construction.

The Ferry that carried us across the Hudson River
to New York City (in background) from Jersey City

Jerry talking with three birds after we first got off of the ferry.

New York City (taken from the Jersey side) during the day.

New York City taken at night.

Entrance to Ellis Island (We took a ferry trip to Ellis Island 
and around the Statute of Liberty on Wednesday)

Statute of Liberty with NYC in the background

Look at all the people touring Ellis Island
and the Statute of Liberty!!!!

Sean, this one is for you. 
Goats on Staten Island.

Planes on the Intrepid

Helicopters on the Intrepid

The Enterprise Shuttle

Large cruise ships come right in to the
area of the Intrepid and Enterprise.

Taken from the top of the Intrepid

Today, we had the experience of biking around Central Park. The weather was beautiful. The park was filled with people who were walking, biking, skateboarding and running.

Central Park

Part of Central Park

Rockefeller Center with ice skaters on the rink

We also quickly ran into St. Patrick's Cathedral. Didn't get to really take a decent picture because the ushers were not letting people take pictures. But, I got this one.

St. Patrick's Cathedral

One last picture taken on the New York side
on the first day that we came over on the ferry.

We have enjoyed our stay in New Jersey and our visit to New York City, but we look forward to moving on tomorrow. Going to Atlantic City.

Have a great week everyone.

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