October 17, 2012

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Actually, we are staying at the Shady Pines Camping Resort in Absecon, a small town about 10 miles from Atlantic City. The park we are in is similar to the one we stayed in at Old Orchard Beach, Maine -- a lot of empty mobile homes and virtually no one around. Again, we are the only motorhome in the park. We love the peace and quiet after spending our week in New York City. Actually, I was so exhausted when I wrote the last post, I just uploaded pictures without talking about our experiences. Let me say that when we were in mid-town NYC at 6 p.m. Sunday night (near the Rockefeller Center), the streets were crowded with people, all the stores were open for business, and it took forever for us to get out of the traffic in that area. No thanks! We are past that.

Alone again!

We are here for only three nights. Really wanted to see Atlantic City and that is what we did yesterday.
It must be a busy busy place in the summer time, but in the middle of October, there were very few people around.

Atlantic City Boardwalk

Wait -- there are two girls texting as they walk!

The Atlantic Ocean off of the Boardwalk (see the 
fishermen at the end of the pier)

Lastly, the leaves are finally starting to turn colors -- but not uniformly. Some areas have brightly colored leaves, other areas are still pretty much green. The temperatures have been in the 60s during the day and 40s at night.

Autumn at last on this stretch of road.

Tomorrow, we will drive for an hour or so to meet up with our god-child, Angie, and her husband, Rob. They just moved out to New Jersey from California. We are so looking forward to seeing them.

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