October 2, 2012

Boston, Massachusetts

Except for the rain in this area for a good part of the week, we had a great time in Boston. We are parked in the Wompatuck State Park in Hingham, about 15 miles from Boston. The rain kept us indoors for only two days as we had places to go and people to see.

Nestled in the trees in Wompatuck State Park.

We do have to give up a few amenities when we bury ourselves in nature  -- such as DirecTv and good internet connection, not to mention having to travel some distances to get to various places. But, we don't mind -- except when we absolutely have to watch something on television, such as the presidential debate tomorrow night. We move on tomorrow, so hopefully, we won't have these issues at the next place.

Bunker Hill Zakim Bridge in Boston (quickly took
this picture as we traveled over the bridge)

On Thursday we participated in a group walking tour of part of The Freedom Trail through downtown Boston where we visited a number of historical sites. Luckily, the weather was perfect and it was a beautiful day.

The Boston Common and State House in the background

Originally, a church and later used to store ammunition during the Civil War.

The Granary Burial Ground right in downtown Boston. Our
guide told us that there are thousands of people buried here,
all on top of each other going down 15 feet deep.

The primarily reason we wanted to come to Boston was to see Jerry's uncle, Paul, and his son, also named Paul (Jerry's first cousin).

Jerry with his uncle Paul (age 86) at the Harbor Bay Inn
where Paul and Paul took us for a wonderful brunch on Saturday.

Another place we visited was the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. Paul and Paul joined us for this visit. What an ultra modern place!

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

Taken from the second floor inside the Library 
looking out the back towards Dorchester Bay.

Uncle Paul in the Library's cafeteria studying
the tour brochure for the Library. (We ate in
the cafeteria before starting the tour.)

View from behind the Museum.

President Kennedy's sailing boat situated behind the Museum.

Did you ever see red, white and blue center line stripes in the road?

Part of the lake in this state park.

Okay, now let's talk about the changing of the leaves. As many of you know, getting to see the leaves turn color on the East Coast is something we have been looking forward to seeing. So far, waiting for the leaves to turn is like waiting for water to boil or grass to grow. It's been a slow process. This morning, we took the bikes out for a four mile ride around this park before the rain set in. Here is what we are seeing -- leaves dropping to the ground because of the rain and wind before the trees can turn rich in color.

Bike path in this state park.

Today, we attempted to undertake the second half of The Freedom Trail, but the rain got the best of us. So, we went over to Paul and Paul's place for Thai food. Since the picture was taken of Paul Sr. above at the Museum, he has shaved off his beard. We couldn't believe how much he now looks like Jerry's dad who passed away in 2006.

Even though this is getting quite long, I want to mention one other thing. Traveling across the country gives us a chance to see and hear the positive and negative ads running on television about the different candidates seeking offices in the various states. Some ads are really funny, like the one here in Boston where a reporter is allegedly interviewing people on the street about a certain candidate. One guy is saying: "I just don't think you should vote for him" without giving any reason for his statement. We also watched the debate between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren on Monday night. Election night will be interesting!!!

Heading out for Rhode Island tomorrow, our 20th state we are visiting since starting this 2012 trip.

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