September 25, 2012

Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Been here for a week now and got to see the place. Here is our take on it. Old Orchard Beach is definitely a larger version of Pismo Beach, California. It is a summer hang out for tourists. In fact, the RV park that we are staying in has only about 5 spots for RVs because ALL of the other 550 sites have permanent mobile homes or motorhomes on them. And, since it is after Labor Day, everyone has gone home. There are only about 15 people in this whole huge park. At first, we thought that we had found a dump of a place to stay in. But, after being here the first night, we love it because the place is so quiet.

We are in the midst of very tall trees
in this park of 550 sites.

And, the nights have been so clear, except for one night of rain. Jerry even went out to take pictures of the stars.

Stars at night.

It's been cold here, getting down into the 40s at night and the high 60s/low 70s in the daytime. We've had the portable heaters on all week, especially in the morning. I think it is the cold weather causing my knee to act up again.

Entrance to the beach scene

Wider view of the same area

Entrance to long pier

View from on the pier

We also drove into Portland, Maine (about 15 miles from Old Orchard Beach) where we found a Trader Joes. And, we have traveled the coast line all around this area where we saw lots of little islands and the tides going way out.

And here the tide is way out.

Some beaches have sand, others have lots of rocks.

Right now, most of the vacation homes along
the beaches are empty.

The Atlantic Ocean in Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Here are a couple of negatives we see in this area. First, there are so many telephone wires all over the place. We've never seen a place with so many wires ruining their beautiful areas. Secondly, and maybe it is only because we are from California, but there are also smokers all over the place. We are just not used to that.

It is suppose to rain tonight and tomorrow. But, we plan on heading out and will end up just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. 

Enjoy the life you love!