August 26, 2012

Port Clinton, Ohio

Though the temperature is only 76 degrees, the humidity is 67 and the dew point is 66. So to us, this feels hot and humid. We've been playing it slow, staying pretty much in and around the coach since we arrived here on Tuesday. Port Clinton is on Lake Erie and a couple of miles from the RV Park on Portage River. We are real close to a nuclear power plant. Couldn't believe seeing this on our way into the place as it is located so close to the highway.

Picture of nuclear power plant taken 
out of the window with cell phone.

We are staying at the Erie Island Resort & Marina on the Portage River which runs into Lake Erie. It is a large place with its own hotel, marina, three separate RV parking site areas, and lots and lots of grass to cut.

Erie Islands Resort & Marina Entrance

When we arrive at a new RV park, Jerry always asks the person at the check-in place, "so what's there to see in this area?" Sometimes we are even given brochures and fliers of the events going on at the time and the sites to visit. This time, the guy responded to Jerry, "well, we have a Walmart." He even gave Jerry a flier on directions how to get to the Walmart. We laughed, but he was right. There is really nothing special to see here. But, because we are members of Resorts of Distinction, our stay at this park is free.

We went  to Dianne's Restaurant for breakfast one day because we saw signs along the way advertising their homemade breads and pastries. Had chocolate cake for breakfast.

Chocolate Oriel Cookie Cake (ate some of it
before remembering to take this picture
with my cell phone)

In case you are wondering, I am still vegan. I just make exceptions for chocolate and pies on occasion.

Erie Islands Resort & Marina 

There are paved roads all around this place and we've biked a couple of miles within the park a few times. All of my pictures this time are taken with my cell phone as it is just to muggy to go out shooting with my Nikon.

Lots of sea gulls in the empty slots in the marina.

There are also tons of geese walking all over the place. But, they are staying away from the actual RV sites.

We leave on Tuesday and continue on our way to Lavern and Bob's place in PA. Expect to arrive there on Thursday. It is 400 miles from here, but we don't like to drive that far in one day. So we will take a couple of days to get there.

Enjoy your week ahead, everyone.

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