August 14, 2012

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Dells is the midwest's Disneyland. It is the fun place to go for children and adults alike. The town has about 9,000 people -- but the place is filled with thousands more as people come from all over to enjoy all the different attractions.

We are staying at the Christmas Mountain Village. We stayed here last in 2007.

Road into Christmas Mountain Village 

Parked in spot 300.

With all these trees, we have not been able to get DirecTv and have had to resort to the Village's cable system. Also, every cell call that we've received or tried to make was dropped. Even if we go up to the clubhouse to make our calls, they still get dropped. This is unusual for us with Verizon.

Just to give you an idea of some of the attractions of the Wisconsin Dells, here are a couple of pictures:

The upside down White House

Miles of roller coasters all over the town

Just one of the many water parks in town

Lots of ways to get wet

And, of course, the dells itself

And here is a little something extra -- a slide show of pictures taken at Sean and Rochelle's wedding on the farm in Fargo, ND on July 21, 2012. For the record, the vocalist is Samantha Elizondo, our 12-year granddaughter, who performed at the wedding and dedicated the song in the video to the happy couple during her performance. Enjoy!

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Larry and Sharon said...

Really enjoyed your slide show and your granddaughter is very, very talented. I enjoyed her singing as much as the slideshow. Be sure to tell her she has a fan! Take care and happy travels.