September 5, 2012

Thompson, PA

Can't believe that we've been here at Bob and Lavern's place for a week already. Actually, we are parked at their neighbor's place high on a hill and behind a gate.

Parked at Joe and Lorraine's place for the week.

Got up early one morning to take pictures of the
sun rising behind their house.

I just asked Lavern "what did we do while we were here?" and she said "we ate." That's about it. We visited one little city after another a couple of times and found different places to eat. But, we also ate very well at their place.

 Here are Bob, Lavern and Jerry as they are about 
to sit down at a lobster, fresh corn, and salt potato dinner.

 A close-up of part of the dinner.

We took at pontoon ride around their pond a
couple of times before dinner.

Bob's fire pit preparation for the evening fire.

Lavern, Bob and me with Chanti

We had some interesting conversations. One night we discussed "senior moments" that seem to be happening to all of us more frequently than we want to admit. They told us the story of a recent joint "senior moment" that both of them experienced at the same time. Bob had just parked the car in a parking spot under a freeway parking area somewhere in Virginia. Both of them get out of the car while talking on their cell phones. After ending their calls, they held hands and walked into the restaurant looking forward to a nice sushi meal.

After dinner, they walked around the area checking out the various small boutique stores. Three hours later, they get back to their car. While looking for the keys, they see a man waving at them. The man comes over to them and hands Bob back his keys. It seems that when Bob parked the car, he didn't even bother to turn off the engine. They both just got out of the car while talking on their cell phones and walked away, leaving their car engine still running. Not only that, they had their computers and cameras in the car. Seems that the kind gentlemen realized what they had done. He turned off the engine and locked the car for them, holding on to their keys until they returned. Boy, are they lucky that their car and items were still there when they returned! The man refused Bob's tip.

We love Pennsylvania -- lots of hills, tree, and greenery.
Now, if only it wasn't so far away from the West Coast!

Trees on the back of their property.

We leave here tomorrow and will head towards Vermont.

Until next time, enjoy the life you've imagined!

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