August 1, 2012

Minneapolis and Duluth, Minnesota

The great part of living this full-time rving life-style is that we get to travel across the country and stay in touch with friends that have passed through our life at some point in the past. This time it was my turn. I was able to reconnect with four of my fellow nursing graduates from the 60s. First, Mary Ann and Judy from the Minneapolis area were able to join me at Starbucks this week for a fun few hours together.

 Mary Ann, Judy and Me

Alice, who also lives in the area could not meet with us that day, but since Jerry and I were traveling through St. Paul and going right past her area, we stopped the next day for my visit with Alice. We ate lunch at Panera's. Afterwards, we ran over to her townhouse so I could see her beautiful garden.

With Alice at Panera's

Part of Alice's backyard garden with a pond behind it.

After leaving Alice, we traveled 160 miles to Duluth, Minnesota where we settled in at an RV park on the water. In luck, again, I was able to reconnect with Jean, also in our nursing class. She and her husband, Jerry, were gracious enough to invite us to their place for dinner tonight where we met with some of their friends. What a fun evening we had. And, the food was delicious. I never had nectarine pie before. Now I'm on a quest to find a recipe for one as good as we had tonight.

Christine and Audrey (in front), and Rita, Jean, Jerry, and Amy in the back.

Full moon over the water in Duluth, Minnesota (taken last night)

Lift bridge lit up at night.

We leave here tomorrow and head further north about 100 miles to Grand Marais, Minnesota.

Live the life you love!

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