August 7, 2012

Osseo, Wisconsin

Left Grand Marais on Sunday and decided to drive as far as we felt like it for the day. When we came close to Osseo, Wisconsin (a 6-hour drive), we stopped to call ahead to make sure the only RV park in Osseo would have a space for us. Here is Jerry's conversation with the person who answered the phone at the Stoney Creek RV Resort:

Jerry: "Yes, we are about two hours away from you. Do you have room for a 40 foot motorhome?"
Person: "We do. We have room for the night."
Jerry: "Good. We will be there in a couple of hours. But, we would want to stay there four nights."
Person: "Oh. Let me check if we have any spaces available for that."
(Jerry is put on hold while she checks this out.)
Person: (Coming back on the line.) "I think we can accommodate you for four days."
Jerry: "My name is Shea. We will be there in a couple of hours."

We were happy, figuring that we must have been given the last spot in the park. However, she didn't ask for a credit card deposit over the phone. We found out why when we arrived. Accommodate us for four days! Heck, they could have accommodate a whole caravan for four days.

This is how the resort looked after we parked at the far end of this row. This whole row is empty (except for one other RV located across and to the left of us.) In fact, the resort, which has 122 sites, is only about 15% filled.

We are parked at the end of this row.

Stoney Creek is a beautiful park with paved 
rows with lots of trees and greenery.

The primary reason we wanted to stop here in Osseo is to go to the Norske Nook Bakery & Restaurant. Ann and Mike told us about this place and we can confirm that this place has some of the best pies. 

Norske Nook Bakery & Restaurant in Osseo, WI

We've been to the place yesterday and again today. This is why.

Pies, pies and more pies!

Whole pies in case.

Single pie pieces in case.

The weather here is great. Temperature is in the 70s though rain is predicted for the next couple of days. 

We leave here on Thursday and head for the Wisconsin Dells.

(Saw this on a car bumper sticker.)

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