August 4, 2012

Grand Marais, Minnesota

Grand Marais is in northern Minnesota, about 40 miles from the Canadian border. We came here specifically to catch up with our neighbor in Cambria, JanAnn, who lives right across the street from our house in Cambria. She has a small summer cabin in an isolated area near this small town of 5,168 residents located right on Lake Superior. We didn't know it at the time, but this weekend is the town's annual Fisherman's Picnic celebration (comparable to Cambria's Pinedorado celebration). Consequently, there were no openings in any of the RV parks around this area for us. JanAnn's daughter and son-in-law were gracious enough to let us park on their property located near a lake.

We had an enjoyable first night meeting with JanAnn's family and friends. The next day, we walked the booth areas in town and also along Lake Superior.

Some of the people at the celebration

Grand Marais is located right on Lake Superior

Last night we drove out to JanAnn's place. Her little cottage is literally right on Lake Superior.

Taken from her porch

Also taken from JanAnn's porch. Imagine hearing the wonderful sounds
of these waves crashing right under you all day and night.


Then, today we had a pleasant surprise. Her son-in-law, Dan, offered to take us up in his 1973 modified sea plane to get an overview of the whole area. He gives tours in the area and gave us a tour in which he explained much of the history of this place.

Dan's 1973 modified sea plane

The bay at Grand Marais

The coastline of Lake Superior

A dairy farm in the middle of the forest

As we are coming in for a landing on the water,
you can see where our motorhome is parked.

Dan, our pilot

This is such a beautiful area.  Too bad that it is located in Minnesota where the harsh winters change everything for those of us who don't want to live in the snow.

We leave here tomorrow and head for somewhere in Wisconsin.

Enjoy the week ahead, everyone.

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