July 29, 2012

Fargo, ND and Cold Spring, MN

Well, the wedding in Fargo, North Dakota (actually in Walcott) was a blast! We parked on the farm. Turned out our friends, John and Marijean, could not make it to the wedding but were able to visit the farm before the wedding day.

Parked at the farm in Walcott, ND

Sean (the groom) with one of his Kiko goats. 
He runs operates a Kiko goat farm.

More Kiko goats.

The good thing about weddings is that they get the family together.
Here are a couple of pictures of the wedding day.

Sean and his bride (Rochelle)

My brothers and sisters (seated) with their spouses (standing behind them).
Would you believe that my parents had the first 6 of us in a time span of 7 years? I am the eldest (seated on the far left) and Jerry is standing right behind me.

We are currently in the Cold Spring, Minnesota area -- the place where I grew up and where four of my siblings still live. The weather is humid and in the 80s.

Jerry attended a "belt sander" race at a local Cold Spring event last night.

Belt sanders ready to race.

And, the race is on!

Here is a short VIDEO of the belt sander race.

We leave here tomorrow and head towards Minneapolis. Now that the wedding is over, we will continue to slowly make our way to the East Coast.


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