January 30, 2011

Bonita, California (near San Diego)

You know that we are retired when we didn't even keep track of the fact that we were suppose to leave this Sweetwater County RV Park today (Sunday) instead of tomorrow as we were planning to do.  The park host just came to knock at our door to tell us we were scheduled to leave today and to ask us to pay for another night.  Jerry called the next place and told them we would be a day late in arriving.

We had just returned from a very nice lunch and visit with Annie, a friend I met on the train in April when I took the train from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles to attend a funeral.  We went to lunch on Coronado Island.  It looks as if it is going to rain, but so far, we've had just a few sprinkles.  Hang on -- here comes the rain.

 In the restaurant with Annie

The presentation of the food at the restaurant was so elegant, considering that this was just a brunch, that we had to take pictures of it before we started eating.

Annie had the ahi tuna plate to the left, and I had the spinach salad with apples, pecans, cheese and dijon mustard dressing to the right.  

As long as I'm updating the blog,  I might just as well tell you about the 3 miles hike Chanti and I took yesterday along an equestrian and hiking trail.  (Marijean had left to go to New York, and John and Jerry were watching movies that I won't watch.)

Sharing the trail with the horses.

From high on the hill, you can see the layout of the new section of the RV park under construction.

Part of the view from the trail.

And, the trail continues.

And continues ....

....until we head back to the RV park in the distance.

We are definitely out of here tomorrow.  Not sure about how much internet coverage we will have at the next place -- so we may be out of reach for a couple of weeks.  We'll see.

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