January 23, 2011

Long Beach, California

Tonight will be our last night here in Long Beach, California.

Long Beach Marina within walking distance of the RV park.

Yesterday was such a fun day.  First of all, I got to meet up with former co-workers and friends from Hughes.  We met at the Elephant Restaurant in La Mirada.  It felt as if time stood still as we all caught up on each other's lives (and those not present).  It's been over 11 years since I've seen most of them.  Here we are at the restaurant, though group pictures such as this do not always turn out the best.

Joyce, BJ, Robin, Eddie, Evette, Doris, Jeanie, Me, Silvia and Dolly

Then, Jerry and I headed over to Susan (daughter) and Raul's place where Jerry treated them with a steak dinner for Susan's 42nd birthday.  It was great fun being with them and with Samantha (age 11), Christian (age 9) and Ivan (age 19).

Christian, Samantha, Susan, Ivan and Raul

Heading to San Diego tomorrow.  Weather is a beautiful 75 degrees and is expected to stay that way.

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