January 17, 2011

Long Beach, California

We love staying here at the Golden Shore RV Resort in Long Beach.  It has easy access to the freeway, is located next to the ocean and is within walking distance of the marina with its shops and downtown Long Beach.

Since we are hanging around our old stomping grounds, we have been busy seeing old friends and relatives.  Now that we have a vehicle, we can drive to visit them instead of trying to arrange for them to come to see us on the coach.  This blog update will summarize the different get togethers we have had so far, with two more to go before we leave here next Monday.

First, Jerry cooked a dinner for son, Shan, who turned 43 on his birthday.  Here he is with his girl friend, Roxanne.

Then, we drove to Irvine one Sunday to see long time friends, John and Christine, who served us a delicious brunch.

Last Tuesday, I met with long-time Hughes co-workers for a lunch at a wonderful restaurant in El Segundo called the Marmalade.
Sharon, Me, Mary Ann, and Eddie

From there, we went to see Jerry's former photo teacher from his high school days, John Scott.
John Scott and Jerry at John's house in Manhattan Beach

John had just returned from Thailand and brought back a very old opium pipe.

Opium pipe from Thailand

One last thing, John's beautiful house (located right on the beach) has recently been designated an Historical Landmark from the Manhattan Beach Historic Landmark Cultural Heritage Conservancy.

Plaque on John's House

Then, last Saturday we drove around Marina del Rey, Playa del Rey, and ended up in Venice to join friends for brunch.

Marina del Rey
(Stopped the car the get this picture, and Jerry almost got a ticket for not putting money in the meter.)

Walt and Joan at 29 Place Restaurant in Venice

Cammie, Joan and Me outside of the restaurant

Then, yesterday, Andrea and Natalie (granddaughter) joined us in Long Beach where Natalie swam in the pool, and we enjoyed our visit with both of them.

Natalie and Andrea

The weather has been in the low 70s -- beautiful.  This is a great life!

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