January 28, 2011

Bonita, California (near San Diego)

Taken with cellphone on our walk around Sweetwater County Park

Arrived here on Monday.  John was already here. Marijean arrived on Tuesday.  We are parked right next to them at the Sweetwater County Park.

Parked with John and Marijean's RV in the background.

This is really a nice place with just a few sites and full hookup.  San Diego County, however, is expanding the park with beautiful long pull through sites, eventually having over 90 sites here.  It is  expected to open the new area in the next section in two months. They are currently working on the project.  This park is out in the hills, but with city views from the new sites.

Road around the park

On Wednesday, Marijean and I went to San Diego's Old Town.  Had a delicious Mexican lunch and walked the shops.

The real thing -- all metal (except for the fake horse)!  (At the Wells Fargo Museum in Old Town)

The following pictures were taken on my cell phone of Old Town.

Then, yesterday was another fun day.  We had invited Carol and Dick (old friends), John and Marijean, and James (old friend of John and Jerry) to a lunch.

Carol, Marijean, John, James, Dick and Jerry (Hey, folks, we are all retired.)

After lunch, we all drove out to Carol and Dick's hanger at the airport to see the completion of Dick's plane that he built from scratch.  (Those who have followed our blog in 2007 may remember that we documented our last visit with them that year and posted pictures of the not yet completed plane.)

Dick and Carol with the finished plane.  What a beauty! (And so are they.)

Close up of the plane.

John, James, Marijean, Jerry, Carol and Dick with the plane

Later that day, our nephew, Todd, came to dinner.  He is a Commander in the Navy and is stationed at San Diego Naval Hospital.  It's always fun catching up with him, though it may be years between the times we get to see him.  But, since he is stationed in San Diego for the next three years, we will be seeing him more often.  

He drove out in his new 2011 black 535i BMW which still didn't have tags. (I regret that I didn't take a picture of it.)  Jerry BBQed pork ribs.  

Todd and me (with Chanti)

We will be leaving here on Monday.

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