February 9, 2011

Silent Valley Resort near Banning and Idyllwild, California

Settled in at the Silent Valley Resort last Monday (Feb.1).  This place is located in the San Jacinto Mountains between Banning and Idyllwild.  We had to climb a mountain, going up to as much as 5,000 feet and then dropping down a bit to get here.  Silent Valley is a private resort, part of the Resorts of Distinction and Coast to Coast families.  There are 850 individual sites here on 460 acres, with 750 site having full hook-ups.

This is the view of Banning, CA as we are driving up the mountain to the RV Park.

The weather has been great - in the 60s mostly during the day, and 30s to 40s at night.  About the third night after we arrived, we were hit with winds of over 60 miles an hour that lasted two nights.  The RV rocked and rolled like crazy.  Luckily, the wind is hitting the RV from the side opposite the door.  So, all of our set up, that is, the carpet Jerry put down, the chairs, the grill and the night lamp were not blown away.  Then, last night, it happened again.  Each time this happens, we don't sleep hardly at all during the night because the sound of the wind hitting the RV is so very loud. The sound starts softly and then builds up to a loud bang, almost like a train that is coming at you. 

Last night, though, we weren't as lucky. The outside was trashed with the high winds.  Again, we didn't sleep most of the night. But, we are not complaining.  It's not like we have to get up and go to work.

This is what it looked like outside of our coach this morning.

And, we are due for more winds tonight.  But, Jerry put most of the items away today.

On Saturday, we invited the neighbors over for hors d'oeuvres (had to look up the spelling), and asked each to bring their own drinks.  Met very nice people, among them Betty and David who just downsized from a 42' Monaco to a 27' smaller coach after full-timing for 11 years, Ed who started full-timing three years ago and lost his wife of 40 years just a year and a half ago, a young couple from Orange County and a guy from Torrance.  

We meet the nicest people along the way.

Then, as the sun went down, the sky turned a beautiful orange, pink and purple.  Spectacular!

On Monday, we drove over to Idyllwild, a trip of about 12 miles up and down mountains, just to check out the place.  It reminded us of Cambria - lots of small unique stores, in the pines, no franchises that we could see.  The people were very nice, too.

Sculpture of bear, eagle, mountain lion and cubs in the middle of Idyllwild

We got a sandwich at the local deli and found the local coffee shop where we had our usuals and sat out on the patio eating our lunch.  While there, a we heard a familiar sound from the past - it was the sound of a typewriter.  Sure enough.  A young man, named Guy, was sitting at another table on the patio with his typewriter.  He said that he creates and types poems for customers who are interested in having one of his poems.  He was back-logged with requests and said he had a great weekend. He let Jerry take his picture.

Guy, the poet, with his typewriter!

Here are some other views of this beautiful area.

High in the mountain looking down over Silent Valley Resort

Snow on some of the mountains around here.

Parked at the Silent Valley Resort

It took forever to do this blog as our Verizon MiFi internet connection is extremely slow.  We are hoping that this isn't because Verizon now has added all these new customers with its iPhone which may have slowed down the internet.  Or, it is just because we are in a valley.  Either way, we are going to look into a wi-fi booster.  Anyone know of a good brand????

We leave here on Sunday.

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