January 3, 2011



It took two days for the mechanic to apply the tow package to our RV and Tahoe SUV.  Then, on December 23rd, we drove (actually, to be more correct, Jerry drove) the RV from Paso Robles to LA with the Tahoe hitched behind us.  It was interesting.  Jerry only beeped his horn three times, but had a lot to say to all the "Jacks" and "Dicks" (last names omitted) on the road with him.  But, with all due respects, it was teaming rain.  We even saw a double rainbow.

Parked in front of Sue and Raul's place for December 23-26.  We usually stay just 3 or 4 days there before moving on to Long Beach.

Angela, Samantha and Christian

We spent the last week in December in Long Beach at our favorite RV Park (Golden Shores RV Resort) visiting family and friends in the Los Angeles.  Now that we are towing a car, we no longer have to rent and have more freedom to move about. 

Christmas Day was special as we were with the families of all four kids, including 9 of our 10 grandkids (ages 5-18). 

Jerry cooks two turkeys and a ham

Having fun dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller

Bob, Tom, Shan, Sue, Sean, Mary

Two youngest grandkids (Natalie and James)

Sara, Brenna, Erin, Lily (Erin's friend) and Angela in front
Last Thursday, we went to the Long Beach Aquarium with Sean (son), Rachelle (his girlfriend) and Angela (granddaughter) from Fargo, ND. 

Angela taking pictures at the Aquarium

Then, for New Years Eve, we drove the car to Temecula, California to spend the evening with John and Marijean.  They also invited others to celebrate with them in their hugh new house and served a wonderful dinner. We spent the night with them and, on New Years Day, kept up the Shea Family Tradition of eating Chinese food for "good luck" throughout the coming year.  The restaurant was in the Pechunga Casino and the food was excellent.

Jery, John, Marijean, Greg, Patti and Linda

We will be here in Long Beach until January 24th.  Unless anything exciting happens that we feel we should write about, we probably won't be up-dating this blog until then.

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