August 29, 2010

Salt Lake City, Utah

This has been a week of travel, staying only one or two nights at three different RV parks (Burns, OR, Weiser, ID and Wendell, ID).  Most of the time we didn't even put out all of the slides.  
Parked at the Intermountain RV Park in Wendell, Idaho
We traveled about 700 miles this week.  This is pretty much what we saw along the way.
We arrived in Salt Lake City on Friday night, staying at the Salt Lake City KOA.  We had high winds on Friday and Saturday.  So glad that we were parked and not on the road.  Hate wind!!

Then, today we went back to Temple Square here in Salt Lake City primarily to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir again. (We saw them on Mother's Day a year ago.)  It is worth attending if you are ever in Salt Lake City.  There are 360 voices in the choir and 110 people in the orchestra.  Every Sunday, the choir broadcasts live and has done so for the last 82 years.  It is the longest running radio show ever.  Today was their 4,224 broadcast. The public is allowed to watch them rehearse and then to watch the live presentation which is very uplifting.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir 2010
The Conference Center where the Choir performs in the summer can seat 21,000 people and it has no pillars holding up the balconies and ceiling.  In two weeks, they will move back to the Tabernacle.
Then, afterwards, we went with a guide on a garden tour.  Temple Square comprises 35 square acres and is the 16th most visited site in the United States (Times Square in NY being number one).  The gardens contain more than 165,000 bedded plants, 250 flower beds, and 700 varieties of plants from all over the world.  Most interestingly, much of the garden is considered a roof-top garden as there is a parking garage directly underneath.

We leave here tomorrow, going just up the road to Park City, Utah for a couple of weeks.

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