August 14, 2010

Redmond, Oregon - FMCA Rally

We've spend a great week at the 2010 Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) Rally here in Redmond, Oregon.  Weather was absolutely perfect: high 80s to low 90s during the day, and 60s during the night.  There are 2,282 RVs at this Rally and the whole Rally is spread out over acres of the Deschutes County Fair and Expo Center.  Our bikes really came in handy as we rode from one seminar or event to another.
See the snow capped mountains in the background.
Jerry stood on top of our RV to get this picture.
Attendees relaxing during lunchtime.

On Tuesday night, Debbie Reynolds spoke to the attendees, giving all an insight into her life, together with pictures and filmclips from some of her movies.  She was inspiring, being able to look back at some of the incidents in her life with humor.  She still looks great at 78 and even sang "Tammy" which brought back memories. 
Debbie Reynolds talks to the FMCA attendees.

On another night, we were entertained by the "Texas Tenors" who came in fourth in the 2009 "America's Got Talent" show.  What great voices and range of songs they sang -- everything from classical to country.  We loved the show, as did the audience. 

Tonight, we will attend the "Forever Motown" performance that we feel will also be great.

We were able to bike into town (a 10-mile round trip that day) and around the countryside.
Area around the Expo Center in Redmond, Oregon

The Traveling Vietnam Memorial was in Redmond and we made it a point to bike to it.  Even though I have seen the original Memorial in Washington, D.C., seeing this Memorial is always an emotional experience -- especially since the Vietnam War was at the forefront of what many of us encountered in one way or another during our early years.  And for all those who fought in the war or gave their lives during that period, we owe a hugh debt of gratitude. 

Since we forgot our cameras, we took these pictures with our cell phones.
The Traveling Vietnam Memorial in Redmond, Oregon.

Jerry finds the name of a high school classmate (Larry Stevens) who is an MIA (missing in action).

A remembrance of other conflicts and the names of those US participants who died in those conflicts.

We leave here tomorrow, but plan to stay in the area as we have an appointment first thing Monday morning to get the engine checked out once again.

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