August 8, 2010

La Pine, Oregon - Cascade Meadows RV Resort

We have been mainly on hold this week while staying at the Cascade Meadows RV Resort. 
The weather this week has been perfect -- 80s during the day and 40s at night.   

Many of the people staying here are doing so as they make their way to Redmond, Oregon this coming week for the annual Family Motor Coach Association Rally, as we are doing.  Redmond is only 45 miles from La Pine, and our check-in time on Monday is from 8-12 p.m.  So, we have to leave here early tomorrow morning so that we can first get some grocery shopping done before we spend a week dry-camping at the Rally.

This week, Jerry worked on his book and I got introduced to water aerobics.  Did it five days in a row, and Jerry joined me on Saturday, too.  It sure is the old people's way of exercising -- no impact, continuous joint movements and FUN!  Also, we biked around the place everyday.  Quite a relaxing week!

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