August 22, 2010

La Pine, Oregon - Cascade Meadows RV Resort (Second Time)

After the FMCA Rally, we drove across the street to the Caterpillar Service Center where we spent three nights.  Of course, we would rather have been someplace else, but some things can't be put off.
We finally got the engine overheating issue fixed.  Turns out, the main problem was that the radiator was nearly 40% blocked by dried mud, small stones and leaves.  (But the trip over the Top of the World Highway in Alaska last year was worth it!)  We are now good to go!

This is why we couldn't make the hills without the engine overheating!  (For those of you who think "now why couldn't they have seen this," the radiator is located directly behind the air cooler, thus making it impossible to see.)

Came back to the same place we were at just prior to the Rally.  In fact, we have now made the Cascade Meadows RV Resort our "home park" for Coast-to-Coast purposes.

Having sat in the Caterpillar customer service waiting room for three days at the beginning of this week, we made up for it by biking 15 miles round-trip into La Pine to get a Subway yesterday. Not only that, Jerry ran for nearly an hour in the morning and I went back to my water aerobics in the morning for the third time since we arrived here again.

Water Aerobics (Hey Jan, I heard through the grapevine that you are also doing water aerobics.  Maybe I can go with you when we get to Cold Spring in October.)

Sunset seen from the RV park.

Jerry and Chanti as the sun is setting. (We like to bike around the park after dinner each day.)

We leave here tomorrow heading towards Utah. 

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Larry and Sharon said...

So glad the over-heating issue has been corrected. I'm sure your travels will be less stressful now! I might add though...what an impressive collection of mud and rocks!