September 7, 2010

Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah is beautiful.  We have been here a week and a half, and were planning on leaving tomorrow until we found out that Pat and Bill are traveling this way.  It's a small world afterall! They have been to Mississippi and Memphis, and are on their way to Oregon.  They should be here tomorrow, so we are staying here a bit longer to meet up with them.
Here we are parked at the Park City RV Park, a very nice place.
Here are some other pictures of this park.
Creek behind the RV Park
Waterfall, pond and Koi fish at the Park
Cloud over hill in front of the check-in office at the Park
Last week, we biked into Park City (6 miles from the RV Park on I-80, but a 17 mile round trip by the time we finished riding the bike path).  The ride was great.  We rode over 5 or 6 small bridges as we biked along a running creek going into the city.  The ride was mostly up hill into Park City, which we thought was hard, and we were really looking forward to the down hill ride back the the RV Park.  But, when we started back, we found that the wind was blowing real heavy uphill, and our downhill run was worse than going uphill, as we had to bike against the wind even though we were going downhill.
Part of the bike path into Park City from the RV Park.
Metal art signs located along the bike path
Jerry in front of the Park City sign
The Olympic Torch in Park City
The weather has been very unpredictable -- as high as in the 90s on somedays and down to 33 degrees at night.  Some days we feel as if we are in the middle of summer, and the very next day, it will be windy and cold.
Another thing for those of you in photography, I started taking my pictures in the RAW format, and then converting them to JPEG.  I think the colors are more vivid.  Hope you like them.
Also, I've downloaded on my Kindle Steven Hawking's new book (released today and already No. 1 on Amazon) called The Grand Design that he wrote with Leonard Mlodinow.  Can't wait to start reading it tonight.  Don't think any person should voice his or her opinion of the book unless he or she has read it.
Will write more after Pat and Bill get here tomorrow.

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