August 1, 2010

Crater Lake, Oregon

So I got confused in the last blog.  August 2 is on Monday, not Tuesday.  Thus, we leave this beautiful Crater Lake area tomorrow.  But, first, here is how our week went.

We are the Diamond Lake RV Park.  This RV park is located about 9 miles from Crater Lake.  We came just to see Crater Lake.

I first learned about Crater Lake when I was 10 years old, when for some unexplained reason, there was a picture of the lake and a brief discussion of how it was formed on the back cover of one of my music sheets.  For 60 years I had wanted to see this lake.   So, on Tuesday (July 29), we drove to Crater Lake.

The drive was up the mountain with absolutely no shoulder along side of the road.  There was still
snow around.
Crater Lake was formed when Mount Mazama erupted some 7,700 years ago, sending a minimum of 6 inches of ash over 5,000 miles, and sending 10 feet of ash closer to the volcano.

The remaining upper portion of the mountain collapsed, creating a 6-mile wide caldera that now holds Crater Lake.  The lake is 2,000 feet deep and is extremely pristine with visibility up to 144 feet.  It's deep blue color is unusual.

Here are a few more of the many pictures we took.

The rest of the week, we relaxed and biked quite a bit, including a nearly 12-mile ride around Diamond Lake.   

Not sure if you can see this, but this is a picture of the Google map on my Droid that tracked our trip around the lake.
Then in the evenings, we walked to the lake and sat on the dock that rocks like we are on a boat. 
We loved this place and hope to come back again someday.

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