September 11, 2012

Vermont and New Hampshire

Decided to update the blog because we are here in New Hampshire for only two days before moving on to Maine. Each state that we visit gets prettier here in New England. We thought Vermont was beautiful with all of its trees, but New Hampshire beats out Vermont in our opinion. Not only does it have lots and lots of trees, it also has mountains and rivers.

Parked at the KOA in New Hampshire

Yesterday, before leaving Vermont, we actually drove out of our way to visit the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream manufacturing plant.

Pictures of Ben and Jerry's facilities. We were 
prohibited from taking pictures of the actual 
manufacturing that we saw on the tour.

New Hampshire beauty

Then, this afternoon, we took in the Flume gorge which is 700 feet long. It took us over two hours to walk the whole area and stop to take pictures and video. 

Entrance to The Flume

People had a choice: they could take the bus to the gorge
(paved area on the left), or they could walk (path
on the right). We chose to walk.

There are walkways all through the gorge.

The sound of the rushing water falls was loud.

The nature walk was truly a great experience.

We would cross from one side of the gorge to the other over bridges.

Who says trees and rocks can't co-exist. This tree
love his pet rock.

So tomorrow we have a very long drive to Maine. It will be long because in part we will be traveling on a two-way road (instead of the interstate) where we will be able to see more of the country. Once we are in Maine, we will stay there until the leaves change color. They have started to change already because it has been cold here (down to the high 30s last night).

Hope you are all having a great week.

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