September 18, 2012

Bar Harbor, Maine

We went from the trees of New Hampshire and Vermont to the Atlantic Ocean here in upper Maine. Bar Harbor is actually a small town of 5,000 people situated on an island called Mount Desert Island. We are staying at the Mount Desert Narrows RV park on the island, about 8 miles from Bar Harbor.

The RV park is located on the water. This
is our view from the motorhome.

Jerry couldn't wait to get to Maine so that he could fill up on lobster, clams, clam chowder and fish in general. Well, he has! He has been paying $4.95 a pound for lobster and bringing them back to the motorhome to cook. (We actually saw that they were selling lobsters for $3.95 a pound at another place.) Did I mention that about 95% of all of the businesses here on the island seem to be restaurants and various eating places? The restaurants are charging between $25 and $28 for a lobster meal, unless you want to go for the early bird special -- then the price is $16.95 to $19.95. Wouldn't you agree that someone is making a profit!

Jerry with his lobsters, each about 1 1/4 pounds.

One day when he was in the fish market, there was a French couple with their two children in front of him. They asked the person behind the counter, "how many lobsters should we get?" The lady responded without hesitation, "you will want to get five -- two for each of you and one to split between the two kids." Obviously, the customer didn't believe her as they purchased three lobsters. Sounds like here in Maine, the people might be eating two lobsters at a time.

We've driven into Bar Harbor a number of times this week. There is always a large cruise ship out in the harbor. The people on the cruise ship come into the town by sea taxis. And, the town is full of people. The Visitor's Center representative told us that Bar Harbor gets 2 and 1/2 million visitors each year, placing it third in the number of park visitors east of the Mississippi. 

Bar Harbor

Another view of Bar Harbor. There are walking 
paths along the bay, and outside eating places.

There are even a couple of cannons directed at the bay to 
defend the town from the British during the war of 1812.

One of the reasons we came to Maine was to see the leaves change color. So far, the process of changing colors is going slowly. On one of our trips around the island, we came across three trees in a row whose leaves had already changed. We stopped along with all of the other cars to take pictures of this sight.  

The leaves were actually more red than is shown on this picture.

We also took in a drive through Acadia National Park. Here is where it pays to be a senior. Our lifetime senior pass got us in for free when the sign read $20 per vehicle.

The people take our their lawn chairs and relax on the rocks because there
are basically no sandy beaches in Acadia National Park, except one that is
only about two hundred feet long. 

On Sunday, we drove up Cadillac Mountain, which extends 1,500 feet above sea level and is the highest area on the island. The view from the top was spectacular. These pictures do not do it justice.

The tiny white specks in the middle of the picture
are the boats in the harbor and a cruise ship.
(That's how far up we were.)

We could see forever!

And then, we were all treated to a man who played
his bag pipes on the top of the mountain.

See Jerry's VIDEO.

Driving around the whole island, we came across another 
harbor -- the Southwest Harbor. 
(See Jerry taking pictures off to the far left.)

We were going to stay in the Bar Harbor area for another week or two, but we found out that most of the places shut down immediately after Columbus Day weekend. The weather report is also predicting heavy rains and winds. Thus, we took off this morning and drove 200 miles south where we are dug in for the storm that is about to hit us. We are in Old Orchid Beach, Maine, about 15 miles from Portland, in the Pinehurst RV Resort. We will be here for 8 days.

Another reason we were anxious to leave is because we were sick and tired to the lack of internet connection in Bar Harbor. Our Verizon Mifi did not work at all. In all of our travels, this is only the second time that this happened. The other time was in Death Valley, California. Even the internet connection we purchased (TengoInternet) would kick us off every minute or two.

Looking forward for the storm to pass so that we can explore this new area.

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