September 27, 2011

Whittier, California

Drove out of Pismo Beach on Friday, but had a slight incident on our way out of town.  Because another car was parked in the left hand lane waiting to turn left while we approached the intersection waiting to turn right on to that same street, it was a stand off between Jerry and the other driver.  The other driver couldn't pull out because he couldn't see; and Jerry really needed to go into the other guy's lane to make his right hand turn.  Jerry decided to move first, but couldn't make a wide enough swing.  And here is what happened.

The Tahoe ended up jumping the curb and we stopped just before hitting the pole.

Jerry had to unhook the Tahoe from the RV and get it away from this post.

The rest of the trip to Simi Valley was nice.  We parked behind a classmate's business for a couple of days while we attended Jerry's 50th class reunion from Cleveland High School in Reseda, California.
Parked behind Dave's business in Simi Valley.  Thanks a million, Dave.

There was a small wash behind the RV.  We were hearing the sound of water fall all night.  We imagined we were parked by a natural waterfall.   It was nice.

The reunion itself was a blast.  Bob and Nancy, long time friends, and their friend, Ellen, who we have also known for years, joined us.  
Ellen, Nancy and Bob

Loved the center pieces on the table.  Nancy took 
the one home that was on our table.

Jerry and Dan Van Larr, two of the three photographers who worked
on the school year books, class of 1960 and 1961.

Look at the high school kids!

Bob and Nancy, Jerry and Mary

On Sunday, we drove an hour an a half to Whittier, California, where we are once again parked in front of Sue (daughter) and Raul's (son-in-law) place.  Shan showed up on Sunday evening and Raul grilled steak, shrimp and vegetables.  Very nice evening with family.

The feast!

Christian and Sue

Shan, Christian, and Mary

Christian and Raul (Christian loves to have his picture taken)

Shan and Christian 


Ok, so here is the deal.  We've gone through this before.  I'm leaving for Minnesota on the plane tomorrow.  I'll be gone 8 days. Don't look for any updates to this blog while I'm gone. Jerry and Chanti will leave Whittier on Thursday and go up into the San Bernardino mountains (Lyttle Creek) to wait until I get back.  

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