September 14, 2011

Sacramento, California - September 13, 2011

Yesterday, we met Angie and Rob for brunch in old town Sacramento. We really enjoyed our time with them and seeing old town Sacramento.  Here are pictures I took yesterday.

Rob, Jerry and Angie on boardwalk outside candy shop.

We ate on the back porch of this restaurant that specializes in crab.

 There were a number of restaurants facing the Sacramento River.

We watched the draw bridge from the restaurant, waiting for it to go up, but it didn't.

Took one picture of Angie and Rob in the restaurant.  As they are that photogenic, 
I didn't need to take a second picture.

More pictures along the water front.

Must be nice to work in that office building overlooking the river.

More of old town Sacramento.

Horse and buggy along with the coke truck.

A very nice and clean "old town" area.

Leaving here tomorrow and heading down to Oakdale, California to visit our friend, Greg, and the family.

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