September 17, 2011

Oakdale, CA

We have been at Greg's new place here in Oakdale, California for three nights now.  He and his family moved here at the end of July.  Boy, does he have plans to turn the place into his style!  And, we look forward to seeing the changes he has in mind in the future.  He has some acreage and we are parked on an empty part of the property that has a waterfall.
This shows one side of where we are parked on Greg's property.

This shows the RV in the background with 
picture taken from back of Greg's house.

Greg's youngest son, Oliver, age 6 who loved playing with Chanti.

Gabriel, Greg and Oliver

And, here we have Delaney who loves her freedom in the pool.

And, here is sweet Breanna

This willow tree is the first thing that catches your eye on these lovely grounds. 
It certainly is the largest willow tree we have ever seen.

Another picture of the pool.

Another view of the greenery, showing the willow tree in the background.

This is a water fall on the part of the property where we are parked.  
I loved taking pictures because everything is so green.

Tomorrow, we head down to Pismo Beach.  The GPS says that it will be a 5 hour drive, which means for us that it will take us 7 hours to get there -- no rush on our part.

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