September 23, 2011

Pismo Beach, California

We just used up our last 5 free days at the Pismo Coast Village RV Resort for 2011 (Sept. 18-22). We didn't take any pictures this time as we were busy getting things done.

Spent most of Monday afternoon at our dentist.  Remember the front tooth that I broke while we were in Sacramento in May?  Well, the super glue held the broken tooth in place for four months.  But, on Monday, the dentist removed the remaining tooth and I now have to wear a temporary partial for 9 months until the final step of the implant will be done.  The partial is a pain to wear and I don't like it. And, remember the tooth that Jerry cracked this summer in Oregon?  Same procedure for him, but since his tooth is further back in the mouth, he doesn't need a temporary partial.  These two implants will set us back $8,425.

On Tuesday, we ran up to Cambria and visited the house.  Both of us agree -- we would rather live in the RV and see the world.  Met with a property manager who will be managing the place, and finding a renter, as we continue this RV lifestyle.  The house was on the market for 18 months, and at this point, I am glad it didn't sell.  We will now be long distance landlords.

Only had time to meet with Pat and Bill for one hour while in Cambria.  They, too, are busy and the four of us couldn't find the time to get together any other time this week.  They are looking forward to their three month trip to South Africa later this year to be present at the birth of their third grandchild.

On Wednesday, Jerry met with business associates.

And on Thursday, we drove 45 miles to Paso Robles to get additional items from our small storage facility.

Today, we will be driving to LA, stopping in Ventura along the beach to eat our Subway and enjoy the waves.  Tonight and tomorrow, we will be attending Jerry's 50th class reunion.  And, on Sunday, we will see the family again -- and how much the grandchildren have grown since leaving them last April.

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