September 6, 2011

Grants Pass, Oregon

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend.  Ours couldn't have been better. We arrived at Linda (Jerry sister) and her husband Jamie's farm near Grants Pass, Oregon, on Thursday, September 1, and spent five days with them.  The weather was warmer than we had experienced all summer, but tolerable in the high 80s and low 90s.

Here we are parked at Linda and Jamie's place.

During the daytime, we each did our own thing.  In the late afternoons and evenings, we got together to catch up on things, reminisce and share meals that were out of this world.  Jamie, Linda and Jerry took turns presenting the meals.  We had BBQ pork ribs, clam linguine, BBQ chicken with Jamie's very berry sauce, San Francisco style seafood cioppino, sausage with delicious rice, vegetables with each meal fresh from the garden, and both blueberry pie (that we brought with us from Kitty's Kitchen in Winchester Bay) and strawberry pie that Linda made.

Fresh garden vegetable appetizers and bloody Mary before Sunday brunch of fresh eggs and pan fried potatoes that Jamie dug up that morning.

Sweet onions from the garden that Jerry used to make onion rings one evening.

Blackberries on the vines near the river running through their property.

The river on Linda and Jamie's property

Linda and Jamie eating blackberries from the bushes.  Can it get any better?

Jamie holding onions he just pulled right out of the ground.

One of the locals tries to hitch a ride on our coach.

Linda, Jamie, Mary, and Jerry together with Buddy and Chanti standing in front of the vegetable garden.

Now, we just had to recreate a picture of the four of us taken in 1979. 

  Jamie, Linda, Mary and Jerry in 1979
Taken at the same place 32 years later.  Note the growth of the trees in the background.

All in all, we couldn't have spent our last weekend in Oregon any better.  It had been a year since we were with them.  We really enjoyed our relaxing visit. Thank you, Linda and Jamie.

Today, we traveled to Redding, California, where we are trying to stay cool. The temperature outside is 103 degrees and will be the same for the next few days.  

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